University of Texas Plans A BS/MD Type Medical Program

The University of Texas at Austin, the flagship Texas campus, has announced that they will be starting a type of BS/MD program for freshman entering the school in 2013.  This same plan is going into effect at 5 sister campuses.

The program will start 60 freshman in the program with guaranteed admission to the medical school at UT Southwestern in Dallas or the UT Health Science Center at Houston.  Another 60 freshman will be added in the spring in a type of early assurance program. Continuation in the program is of course dependent on maintaining good grades although the college has not indicated exactly what that means. For most other BS/MD programs, grades are required to be about a 3.5 GPA.

The plan with these programs is to cut a year off the undergraduate program to make a 7 year medical program. There is even talk about shortening the time to 6 years if a year of medical school is eliminated as a program at Texas Tech is attempting to do for students who wish to focus on primary care medicine.

I will be trying to find out more information about this program and will keep you advised if I find out any more detailed information.

Want more information about BS/MD programs? Check out the Guide to BS/MD Programs.

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  1. kricky says

    Where can this announcment be found? Would it be possible to link/attach it somehow?

  2. Rohit says

    I’ve been hearing a lot about a possible BS/MD program with the Dell Medical School for the high school class of 2016. Do you know of any plans of the sort?

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