BA/DDS Degree Programs

I have already discussed the programs that combine an undergraduate education with medical school. But there are also BA/DDS degrees for those seeking to become dentists.Dentist

These programs are extremely competitive programs and even the best students may not be accepted.

You will need top grades and top test scores to even be in consideration for acceptance into one of these programs. You will also need to show a particular interest in being a dentist often evidenced by your activities outside of school.  Have you spent time volunteering at a dental office or shadowing a dentist? Those are the sort of activities a combined degree program will want to see.

As with other very competitive programs, the essays you write for the BA/DDS application will be critical to set yourself apart from other applicants.  The choice of essay topic needs to be given careful consideration.

You will also need to be able to answer the question of why you desire to attend a combined BA/DDS program. If you are being considered for admission to one of these programs you will be asked to come to the school for an interview. These interviews tend to focus on your particular interest in becoming a dentist. Finally, these programs also like to see compassion in a student so volunteer activities can be an important part of your application.

The length of these programs ranges from five to eight years depending on the particular school. You can find a list of BA/DDS programs on page 43 of the American Dental Education Association Official Guide to Dental Schools.

If you have dreamed of being a dentist all of your life, and have top grades and test scores, a combined BA/DDS program may be a great option for you.

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