BS/MD Programs-The Complete Guide

I am really excited to let all of you know that I am publishing a book entitled, “BS/MD Programs-The Complete Guide”.  The book is through most of the editing stage and is now being proofread and indexed.  The anticipated official release of the book is April 1.

I starting writing this book about a year ago because of my frustration with the lack of good, current information about BS/MD programs. There have been a few books written in the last decade that were typically written by a student that had gone through one program. While these students had some insight, they didn’t really understand the whole picture. Each of the programs out there are a little different and the existing books didn’t really help students understand BS/MD programs in general.

The other problem I observed is the lack of comprehensive information about each of the programs.  Those books that tried to identify programs provided incomplete information and even if current in its day, are greatly outdated.

The text of my book is approximately 80 pages long and includes the following chapters:

1.  What Are Early Acceptance Programs?
2.  What It Takes to Be Competitive  for BS/MD Programs
3.  Finding the Right Program
4.  The Application Essays
5.  The Medical School Interview
6.  Paying for Early Medical Programs
7.  Other Issues Related to BS/MD Admissions

Following the text I have put together an appendix of 160 pages of information on each of the programs that currently exist.

The price of the book will be $19.95 and will be available through my website as well as through Amazon and other on line sources.  I am trying to get a feel for how many books to print so I am going to offer my readers an incentive to pre-order the book.  If you pre-order and pay for the book before March 1, 2011, I will provide you with the book as soon as it is published as well as one free hour of consultation with me on any aspect of BS/MD programs.  I normally charge $125 per hour so this is a good deal for you if you order your book early.

Drop me an email if you want to pre-order the book and get your free hour long consultation.  I will keep you advised as we get closer to publication.

Want more information about BS/MD programs? Check out the Guide to BS/MD Programs.

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