I Know What Your Chances Are For Admissions to the Ivy League

Send me your GPA and your test scores and I will tell you what your chance for admissions is to any Ivy League college.

Now before you get all excited and start emailing me this information, please read the entire post. Because you see, any one who tells you that they can give you your chances for admission to a selective college is lying to you. Plain and simple.

I know you want to know what your chances are. I get emails all the time from students asking this question.  But there is no way for anyone to say with any kind of certainty.  No one… wait, there is one person who can get close.

The only one who can come close to giving you your chances is the director of admissions at the college and then only after seeing all of your application materials and comparing it to the application materials of all of the other students applying that year. THAT person has some insight into your chances!

You see, your asking the wrong question. The question you should be asking is “Am I competitive for this particular college?” Are your grades and test scores in the middle 50% of their accepted range, or higher? If yes, that helps. Do you have a demonstrated passion? If yes, that helps.  Does your passion reflect success at the national level? If yes, that helps.  Are you a recruited athlete, a minority applicant, a legacy student or the child of big donors to the college? Each of those can help.

No one has a crystal ball here. Trust me, my life would be much simpler if I did. And I would be wealthy answering questions about chances into colleges.

Ask the right question, objectively look at your chances and make sure that you apply to a group of colleges that includes a range of acceptances.  If you do that, everything will work out come April.

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