Worried What Major to Choose in College? Don’t Be.

“I want to major in business” a student recently told me while discussing what they were looking for in a college. When I asked why they were interested in business, the answer was “because I want to get a job when I graduate.”

If a  student has an interest in business, or any other subject that might lead to a job after graduation from college, great. But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only way to get a job after college is by having a “practical’ major.

The New York Times college admissions blog recently had an article entitled “Your College Major May Not Be As Important As You Think“.  The article talks about some of the research that has been done on various majors and the jobs students receive after graduation and it turns out that there isn’t much of a relationship. It turns out that business majors, on average, don’t make more money than history majors who also took jobs in business.

This is a very interesting article that should be read by every student, and parent, who is concerned about picking a practical major in college.

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