Why Hiring a College Admissions Counselor in Difficult Economic Times Makes Sense

With the country in a recession, many people may be wondering if they can afford a college admissions counselor. I would suggest that there are several reasons why it makes even more sense now to hire a college counselor than during good economic times.

College is expensive. Four years of college is going to cost you between $80,000 and $200,000 depending on whether you are looking at attending a public or private college. When spending that kind of money you want your dollars to work their best for you. College counselors focus on finding the right college for you so that you will not need to transfer at a later date. Although there are several potential problems with transferring colleges, one of the biggest is the loss of credits that often occurs in moving from one college to another. And loss of credits leads to…

Taking more than four years to graduate from a four year college. Unfortunately, loss of credits is but one small reason that many students fail to graduate in four years. In fact, the majority of students do not graduate in four years. Instead, they take five, six or more years to graduate or they don’t graduate at all. In the process, they are not only paying for additional years of college but they are also losing out on years when they could be working.  Good college counselors will be able to help you find colleges appropriate for your needs that will get you out in four years.

Many college counselors will also be able to guide you in the search for a college that makes the most economic sense to your family. Does the college offer just need based aid or do they provide merit based aid that might decrease the cost of college for those students most desired by the college. What percent of your need does the college meet? A college that meets all of your need is often cheaper to your family than a less expensive college that does not meet all of your need.

There are thousands of colleges in this country. Paying a college admissions counselor to help you find the best college for your needs might just end up costing you less money in the long run than doing it your self. And don’t be misled by news reports of counselors that charge $40,000 to counsel students. The vast majority of college admissions counselors charge substantially less for similar services.

The bottom line? It doesn’t hurt to talk to a college counselor and many offer a free limited consultation to discuss your needs. Give one a call and see what they can do for you.

You can trust us to help you find the best college for your needs. We offer a FREE 1/2 hour consultation to discuss your needs for college admissions counseling. Give us a call now at 952-449-5245 or drop us an email.


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    As a college admission consultant, I couldn’t agree with you more. Taking the time to work with students individually to find the right schools can make all the difference in the world. I have been very pleased this year that in spite of the recession, many of the students I have worked with have received some very generous financial aid packages. I also feel confident they will like the schools and will not want to transfer and that most will graduate in four years. I make my rates affordable to families because I feel that all students will benefit from this individual attention.


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