Ivy League Acceptance Rates 2010

Allen Grove at About.com has a list of the 2010 acceptance rates for the 8 colleges in the Ivy League.  The word ugly comes to mind. They range from Harvard’s 6.9% acceptance to Cornell’s 18% acceptance rate.

I have said this many times before but it bears repeating, particularly at a time like this. There are over 3,000 colleges in this country and they all are appropriate for a particular student. Even strong students are not necessarily best served by limiting themselves to the 50 to 75 colleges that have very low acceptance rates.

Low acceptance rates do not necessarily mean that a college is a good choice for you. Do your investigation. Find colleges that are appropriate for you and your needs. And if they have acceptance rates like the Ivy Leagues colleges, make sure you find some colleges that you like that have higher rates of acceptance, just in case.

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