Travels to Mumbai


Fatehpur sikri

You may have noticed that I have been gone for the past several weeks. I have been vacationing in India with my family. My oldest daughter works in Mumbai, Bombay for the older ones in the crowd, and we went to be with her for Christmas.

Spent some time in New Delhi during the beginning of the protests which was an interesting experience. We were staying in the heart of New Delhi, about a mile or so from the heart of the protests.  Fortunately, it didn’t impede our visits to various tourist sites.

India is a very interesting country and the dichotomy between wealth and poverty is amazing. But the people we met were wonderful and that always makes for a good trip. And for those of you who have never ridden an auto rickshaw through Mumbai traffic, there is no other experience I can compare it to.  The closest is bumper cars that go 40 MPH and are trying to avoid other auto rickshaws, cars, trucks, bullock carts and pedestrians all while honking the horn on an almost continuous basis. And the track is a 4 lane marked highway that has 7 lanes of traffic on it. You’ll just need to give it a try yourself.


Horn OK Please

Next week I will be starting a series of post of the things juniors need to be doing at this point to make sure that they are ready for the application process next summer. Until then, Namaste.

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