New Website for International Students

I just came across a website that I think may be helpful for those international students looking to attend college in the US.  The website is EducationUSA and is from the US Department of Education.

College and University education is different in the US than in many other countries and this is a good basic resource to provide information to international students.  There are also a number of offices of EducationUSA around the world where students can get even more information. The site provides a search engine so students can find an EducationUSA office near where they live.

I do work with international students looking to attend college in the US, but for many students, they just need to understand how the process works.

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  1. Todd Johnson says


    Good question. I do work with students who are considering college in Canada or the United Kingdom but otherwise focus my work on US college admissions. I am not aware of any websites that are positioned to help US students find foreign colleges.

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