How Do Colleges Use the SAT for Admissions?

For several years, many colleges have determined your SAT score for admission by adding together the best sections from multiple tests.  But some colleges only use the best one time test.

This has come under scrutiny recently with the College Board’s announcement of score choice. Score choice is the ability to decide which of your test scores to send to colleges. Some colleges allow score choice and some say they want to see the scores of each test you took.  But which college uses what approach?Questions on the Use of the SAT

The College Board has a chart that breaks down how each college handles the question of what scores to send and, if not all scores are required, whether the college combines the best sections or uses the best overall test.

Many of the colleges that require all of your test results may still combine subsections  in arriving at your ultimate SAT score for that college.  You will need to check with each college to find out their practice.

The chart does not list all colleges and in fact there are a number of colleges that did not provide this information to the College Board.  However, if the college in which you have an interest is listed, this chart can be a very helpful guide to how that college will handle your test scores.

Of course, as the College Board warns, you should always confirm with the particular college if you have any question on their policy as policies can change from year to year.

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