Colleges that superscore the ACT

One of the most common questions I am asked is which colleges superscore the ACT. For those of you not familiar with superscoring, it is when a college takes the highest subscores from various test dates to get a new higher superscore. For example, assume that a student takes the April ACT and gets a 29 reading, 27 math, 28 English and 31 science subscores. This give a composite score of 29.  That same student then takes the June ACT and gets a 32 reading, 25 math, 29 English and 29 science.  Again, the student has a composite score of 29. However, if a college superscores the tests they combine the best scores from each test giving a 32 reading, 27 math, 29 English and a 31 science. This combined superscore gives a new composite of 30.

Most colleges in the past have superscored the SAT but not the ACT. Recently, however, some colleges are starting to superscore the ACT. I first reported on superscoring the ACT in December, 2007. Here is a list of the colleges that I believe  currently do superscore the ACT.  If a college is not on the list, I have received no information that it superscores the ACT.  As I become aware of additional colleges I will add them to the list. This list is current as of  August 18, 2015.

One final note. I greatly appreciate all of the help that my readers have been providing by telling me which colleges superscore. However, my policy, to keep the list as accurate as possible, is to personally get confirmation from a college’s admissions department before putting them on the list unless their web site is very clear on ACT superscoring. So, keep sending me college’s that you have been told superscore the ACT, but it may take a bit before that college shows up on the list.

Albion College

American University

Amherst College

Babson College

Baylor University

Beloit College

Birmingham Southern College

Boston College

Brandeis University

Bryn Mawr College

Butler University

California Institute of Technology

California State University System

Capital University

Claremont McKenna College

Colby College

Colgate University

College of the Holy Cross

Connecticut College

Davidson College

DePauw University

Duquesne University

Eckerd College

Elon University

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida State University

Georgia Tech

Grinnell College

Hamilton College

Hampden-Sydney College

Haverford College

Hawaii Pacific University

Hendrix College

High Point University

Hiram College

Hollins University

Indiana University-Bloomington

Johns Hopkins University

Kalamazoo College

Kenyon College

Kettering University

Lafayette College

Lawrence University

Loyola University in Maryland

Middlebury College


Millsaps College

NCAA Clearinghouse

Northeastern University

North Carolina State University

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Pepperdine University

Pitzer College

Pomona College

Regis University

Roger Williams University

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame

San Diego State University

Seattle University

Seton Hall University

Spring Hill College

Texas Christian University

Towson University

Trinity College

Trinity University

Troy University

Tufts University

United States Naval Academy

University of Arkansas – Fayetteville

University of Chicago

University of Colorado – Boulder

University of Connecticut

University of Dayton

University of Delaware

University of Denver

University of Georgia

University of Illinois ***

University of Louisiana – Lafayette

University of Maryland

University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Miami

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

University of North Texas

University of Puget Sound

University of Rhode Island

University of South Florida

University of Tampa

University of Tennessee – Knoxville

University of Vermont

University of Virginia **

Valparaiso University

Vassar College 

Virginia Tech

Washington and Lee University

Washington State University

Washington University – St. Louis

Wesleyan University

Wheaton College

Williams College

Xavier University

*MIT uses the best subscores from each section of the ACT but does not use a composite score. So effect is same benefit as superscoring.

** University of Virginia does not combine subscores to reach a superscore composite but they do consider the best subscores from different tests.

***University of Illinois says that they do not superscore the ACT. However, they say ” Colleges will often evaluate results from the sub-scores (English, Math, etc.). If an applicant submits scores from more than one test date, the highest sub-score(s) will be used in this evaluation.”  This appears to be similar to the University of Virginia.

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  1. Todd Johnson says


    Most colleges do superscore the SAT but until recently almost none superscored the ACT. Since the ACT is becoming more popular around the country, more people have been questioning if the ACT is being superscored. That is why I posted this entry.

  2. Todd Johnson says

    Most colleges have been open about their refusal to superscore the ACT in the past. I have contacted a number of colleges in the last month or so asking about whether they have had a change in policy. Amherst and Washington University made news last December when they both announced that they were going to superscore the ACT. Because of the announcement of those two well known colleges, there has been some movement toward ACT superscoring. The colleges listed are by no means the only colleges I have discussed this issue with. They are merely those that said that they are superscoring the ACT.

  3. Catherine says

    We visited Duke this summer. They said to send both ACTs for superscore purposes. Have you had an official or unofficial word from Duke?

  4. Todd Johnson says


    There have been suggestions about Duke for about a year but nothing I have been able to confirm. I will check with them again to see if they are superscoring the ACT. Thanks for the note.

  5. KillaTrey says

    How does the NCAA Clearing House work with the ACT superscore? Does the Clearing House send out a superscore to the colleges?

  6. Todd Johnson says


    The student sends the scores to the NCAA Clearing House directly from the ACT. The NCAA would then determine a super score to see if you qualify for Division I or II. The only concern of the Clearing House is to make sure the student athlete is academically qualified. It is my understanding that the Clearing House does not send any test scores to the colleges.

  7. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note regarding Hendrix. I have a policy of trying to confirm with the colleges before listing them. I have contacted Hendrix and as soon as they confirm I will add them to the list.


  8. Mike says

    I emailed illinois and they say they don’t superscore the ACT. They said that they do however consider the best subscores from multiple tests. This seems like a contridiction and i had trouble getting a straight answer from the people answering the admissions e-mails.

  9. Todd Johnson says


    I will try to clarify with Illinois but you are right, their description of what they do is superscoring. It may be that there is a misunderstanding of the definition by the people you were talking to.

  10. Cindy says

    Daughter took both SAT and ACT test in past few months.
    ACT was higher than SAT scores. She was quite surprised. We sent all scores to four colleges.
    Will they then take the best,in this case her ACT score for admission purposes?
    This is our first time around with all of this.

  11. Todd Johnson says


    Virtually all colleges will take the highest score regardless of whether it is the ACT or SAT. So in your daughters case they will use the higher ACT score for admissions decisions.

    If you have more questions feel free to give me a call or send me an email. My contact information can be found at the Free Consultation page.

  12. David says

    Are the composite (superscores) scores used for admissions purposes only? Do all of these colleges use the composite scores in evaluating scholarship offers?

  13. Todd Johnson says


    It of course varies from college to college but most of the colleges that superscore will use that higher score for determining admissions and scholarships.

  14. Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I checked with Purdue and you are correct that they superscore the SAT but not the ACT. I have removed them from the list.

  15. Terry says

    Are you absolutely sure about Amherst and Cornell? I can’t find any mention of superscoring the ACT on their websites. Thanks!

  16. Todd JohnsonTodd Johnson says


    Amherst made an announcement back in late 2007 that they were going to super score the ACT. This is now addressed, although not clearly if you didn’t hear their announcement, on their FAQ page for admission applicants. They state “Amherst’s policy is to focus on your strongest test results.”

    I had previously discussed with Cornell admissions but will double check. Unfortunately, transparency is not a hallmark of most aspects of college admissions. Thus, you will not find confirmation of this policy without checking with the college. I will let you know when I hear back from Cornell.

    I just received confirmation from Cornell admissions that they do use the highest scores even from different exam dates for both SAT and ACT. Cornell is one of the schools that do not allow score choice and requires that every SAT or ACT test taken be submitted to the college.

  17. michelle says

    Hey I was wondering how you were sure about florida state accepting act subscores. I can’t find anything about it on their website anywhere. Thanks!

  18. Todd Johnson says


    Most colleges do not have information about superscoring on their web site. I had Florida State down based on a reliable source but to be sure I will contact them directly to see if they will confirm.

  19. Jim says

    “ACT scores are interchangeable” at all of the Florida public universities EXCEPT UF, UCF, and UNF. (Quotes are from their official admissions matrix.)

  20. Rahul says

    I would have to send both score reports into the college for them to super score correct? Also, if they do super score, do they recalculate the composite with the highest subs-scores? Finally, when calculating the regular composite or calculating the super score, what is the policy on decimals? For example, 32.75

  21. Todd Johnson says


    Yes, the college can only superscore if they have more than one test date for a particular test. Superscoring is by definition the recalculation of the composite using the highest subscores from various tests. Each college can handle rounding issues as they see fit but most of the colleges I am aware of round up if the decimal is .5 or greater. If the decimal is .25 they round down.

  22. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. You are correct that the University of Illinois says that they do not superscore the ACT. But see comments 15 and 16 above. I have been told, and at least one other person has been told, that while Illinois does not superscore the ACT they do take the highest sub section score from multiple tests. This is by definition superscoring. So, whether they call it superscoring or not, I have left them on the list.

  23. Christopher says

    i don’t want to sound repetitive of questions already asked, but i want to make sure i get the facts straight. U of I (Urbana)says they do not superscore the ACT, but you know that they do look at the highest subscores you send them.

  24. Terry says

    I just heard that Tufts superscores the ACT. Any idea? Thanks so much for your help with this!

  25. Todd Johnson says


    I just heard from Tufts and they confirmed that they do not superscore the ACT. However, Tufts will look at the subscores for each of the ACT tests submitted so it would generally be to your benefit to submit all ACT scores.

  26. Brett says

    Do you generally suggest that people send only the best score, or should they send them all and let the school decide which they want to take. We have an identical composite, but the subs are different; on the first they are more consistent, but on the second we have one low score (22) in one area and a super high score (35) in another. Thank You!

  27. Todd Johnson says


    There is not one answer that works for everyone. It can depend to some extent on the college you are applying to. That being said, most colleges want to give the student the greatest advantage they can so I will often suggest that a student send in all of the scores.

  28. Emily says

    I went to a Tufts information session with the Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, Lee Coffin, and he said that they DO superscore the ACT. It’s very interesting that we are hearing two different stories, with one coming from the Dean.

    Also, Carnegie Mellon’s admissions representative said that they superscore the ACT, and Boston College’s Assistant Dean said that they superscore the ACT as well.

  29. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. Transparency is not the hallmark of college admissions and a college’s acceptance or not of ACT super scoring is a good example.

    Tufts is an interesting issue. The person I spoke with was clear that they do not super score the ACT. However, by saying that they look at each of the subscores they are in essence doing just that. I will check with Carnegie Mellon and Boston College.

  30. Todd Johnson says


    To my knowledge Denison does not superscore the ACT, only the SAT. I have no information about Truman State or University of Denver. I will check with them.

  31. Todd Johnson says


    I just reviewed the websites of Truman State and University of Denver. Truman State says that they do not superscore the ACT. Denver says they will superscore SAT and ACT.

  32. Connie Maneyson says

    When a college superscores, if the average of the new score is, for instance, 29.5, would they round up to a 30 or consider it a 29? Thanks!

  33. Todd Johnson says


    The answer depends on the particular college but in my experience most colleges will round up .5 scores so that a 29.5 would be rounded to a 30. On the other hand, a 29.25 would be viewed as a 29.

  34. Connie Maneyson says

    Thank you for answering my question so quickly—also are you aware if Seton Hall does superscoring?

  35. Nicole says

    Hey Todd,

    I noticed Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Caltech aren’t on your list. Do you know if any of them have changed their minds recently? If not, do you know whether they primarily focus on the composite score or do they put an emphasis on the subscores as well? In essence, if I have a 34 composite score twice but have earned 35’s/36’s on all the sections at least once of the two times, then should I send in both scores or will they not notice?

  36. Todd Johnson says


    To my knowledge Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Caltech do not superscore the ACT. Their primary focus is on the composite but they also have the discretion to look at subscores. Given your situation I would definitely send in both scores even though they have the same composite score.

  37. David says

    Just to confirm, the California State System does superscore the ACT? Also, do the University of California School superscore?

  38. Todd Johnson says


    It is my understanding that the California State System does superscore the ACT. The University of California system does not superscore the ACT or the SAT.

  39. David says

    Have you confirmed whether the CSU’s do? Because I cannot seem to find anything about that on the website

  40. Todd Johnson says


    I have not independently confirmed that CSU superscores. I am trying to do so and will let you know if I find anything out.

    USC only super scores the SAT, not the ACT.

  41. Jordan Zile says

    On my first ACT test I recieved a 28 composite, 26 English, 32 Math, 24 Reading, 29 Science, 25 Combined English/Writing, 8 Writing.
    On my second ACT test I recieved a 27 composite, 25 English, 33 Math, 21 Reading, 27 Science, 23 Combined English/Writing, 7 Writing.
    I did worse on my second test in everything except Math; I went from a 32 to 33. I am going into engineering. I was wondering if i should send this second score to all schools im applying to or just ones that superscore. Also, even if they do superscore, do you think it would look bad to send the second one since I did so much worse on the ones beside Math.

    The schools I am applying to thats on your list are: Carnegie Mellon University, Georgia Tech, MIT, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, and University of Illinois.

    I am wanting to send out my scores as soon as possible so please answer. Thank You.

  42. Todd Johnson says


    I can’t tell you what to do regarding which scores to submit since I don’t know your whole profile. I can tell you in my opinion that generally in the vast majority of cases, it doesn’t really hurt to submit more than one score because at the very least, the college will take the higher score. So most colleges will just look at your 28 and give you that score. For those colleges that superscore you might get a very small benefit from the higher math score, particularly since you are looking at engineering.

    I can tell you that even with the schools that superscore your composite score is a 28 even if they take your higher math score since it is not that much higher than what you already had.

    I hope that helps somewhat.

  43. dave says

    Any update on Williams and superscoring the ACT??I’m tempted to submit both scores I got just in case

  44. Kent says

    As you have listed for Ivy League schools,
    all of them require to you send all your scores, but…
    Cornell does superscore both the SAT/ACT
    H/Y/P do not
    Any word on Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia and UPenn?

  45. Peter Goldberger says

    At an Application Workshop session in Stamford, CT on Oct 6, 2009, the Dean of Admissions was quite explicit that Tufts DOES superscore the ACT and will recalculate the composite score based on highest segment scores.

  46. Peter Goldberger says

    From the Tufts Website-Dean Coffin’s blog:

    Myth #4: “The college said it will use my highest test scores but they asked for all my scores so those will secretly be used against me.”

    Truth: Everybody wins when we use your highest scores. Our computer picks the best individual score on the critical reading, math and writing sections of the SAT, or the respective subjects on the ACT, and those become the scores we see when we read your file. End of story.

  47. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the information about Tufts. As I have said here before, trying to determine which colleges superscore and which don’t is often difficult because different admissions officers will give different responses.

    Based on Dean Coffin’s comments I am putting Tufts back on the list that superscores the ACT.

    Thanks again.

  48. Sandy says

    Hi Todd,

    I control F searched for the word BROWN and i found that in Nov you said that brown superscores and Jan 1st you said it does not..

    so whats up?

  49. Todd Johnson says


    Colleges tend to move slowly on anything that is a change but I would be surprised if more colleges didn’t start super scoring the ACT in the next few years. Most super score the SAT and I think eventually, most will do the same with the ACT.

  50. Marwa says

    I got an ACT score of 23 and a SAT score of 1640! So shall I send the ACT score or the SAT score to improve my chances in Yale, Duke and Johns Hopkins? But in school, which is considered the hardest school in where I live, am an A* student with an average of 95-96! Do you think I have a chance to get accepted in those universities for Medicine?

  51. Todd Johnson says


    Grades are very important for college admissions but so are test scores for the colleges you mention. While these colleges do not have minimum test scoes it is very unlikely that you will be admitted with the ACT and SAT scores mentioned.

    You should also be aware that in US colleges there is no undergraduate medical program. Instead there are 4 years of college followed by 4 years of medical school. You need to apply to medical school before acceptance and only about 50 % of students are admitted.

    I would suggest that in addition to the colleges you mention that you also consider some other colleges that are easier for admissions purposes.

  52. Marwa says

    Thanks for the quick reply and I appreciate your assistance! But your reply really depressed me! :( May you please tell me (percentage wise) how much am likely to get accepted.

  53. Marwa says

    Hello Todd;
    Thanks for the quick reply and I appreciate your assistance. But your reply depressed me big time, since my dream is to get admitted to one of these universities. Here are other 3 questions: 1) What is the chance of my acceptance?
    2) What are other great universities but have easy admission criteria.
    3) When is the admission decision revealed in the universities I have mentioned earlier?

  54. Sam says

    Some schools say that they only accept the ACT with the writing section, but they still superscore the ACT. So, if I send in 1 ACT with the writing and 1 ACT without the writing section, will they use both of the ACTs for the superscore? Or will they only use the ACT with the writing section for the superscore?

  55. Todd Johnson says


    The answer to how a college will superscore depends on the college but since the goal is to give the student the benefit of the doubt, my guess is that they would superscore the sections they have and add to the single writing score.

  56. Danielle says

    Does Emory superscore the ACT? They are not on your list. Is there any hope that they could change their policy?
    Thank you.

  57. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge Emory does not superscore the ACT. Five years ago no one superscored the ACT so it is possible they would join those colleges that do. But this is not something to count on.

  58. Melody says

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for all the work you’ve done on this!

    I have 4 questions:
    1. Does Vanderbilt superscore the ACT?
    2. How many more colleges/universities do you think will begin to superscore the ACT by the coming admissions season?
    3. Is it true that some schools claim that they don’t superscore, but actually do consider the highest scores of each test?
    4. Are “pure” composite scores valued more than superscored ones?

    Thanks so much,

  59. Todd Johnson says


    To my knowledge Vanderbilt does not superscore the ACT. If that changes I will update the list. There is no way to say how many colleges might have a change in policy before the next season begins. There have been a few colleges each year and I would expect that would continue. As for the issue of whether a college admits to superscoring, yes there are some colleges that say they don’t but their policy is to do so. The University of Illinois is one of the main examples. If a college says that they superscore I don’t believe that it will make a difference whether a particular score is a composite score or a one time score.

  60. wei says

    Hi Todd,
    It has been really helpful reading these comments. I am a junior and have an average 4.52 GPA, my ACT score is 32, 34 when superscore. I have not taken the SAT yet. I want to get into Pomona College or Stanford. Is it important for me to take the SAT in addition to the ACT?
    Thanks, Wei

  61. Todd Johnson says


    You have a strong ACT score so I wouldn’t worry about the SAT. If you wish to take one more test I would focus on studying more for the ACT. Just remember that the two schools you mention are highly selective so you need some other colleges to apply to where you have a better chance at admission.

  62. wei says

    Thanks for the quick reply. Are you suggesting to take one more ACT to up the score for the colleges that do not superscore? I plan to take 3 SAT subject tests (math II, US History & Spanish). How do you weight that?

  63. J. Lukes says

    Does Tulane superscore? You do not have it listed, but another website does. Thanks.

  64. ty says

    My ACT composite score is 32, and the combined English/writing is 33. Why are there 2 score on the report? Which number do colleges look at?

  65. Todd Johnson says


    The main score that colleges look at is your 32 ACT composite score.The combined score is an additional way to provide information to the colleges that might want to consider it. It basically weights your English score as 2/3 of the weight and your writing score as 1/3 of the weight.

  66. J Bruce says

    I’ve heard from various sources that columbia superscores the ACT, is this true?

  67. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge, Columbia University does not superscore the ACT. Last I checked with them was less than a year ago, and I doubt they have changed since that time.

  68. j. Lukes says

    I saw on another website that the U of GA and U of NC Chapel Hill superscore the ACT. Is that true?


  69. Scott says

    If you type in “superscore” in the University of Illinois’s website search bar, the first result comes up as “we do not super-score the ACT, we take the best composite score”

  70. Todd Johnson says


    You are correct that this is what University of Illinois says publicly. However, in talking with several of their admissions officers directly they have said that they DO consider the highest subscore from different test dates to reach a composite score. Since this is superscoring by definition I list them as superscoring. This is the type of problem that makes keeping this list accurate so difficult.

  71. Carolyn says

    Hello, do you know if Villanova, Lehigh, Lafayette, and Bucknell superscore?


  72. Janet B says

    Where can I find your most updated list of colleges that super-score the ACT. Is it the one at the top of this chain?

  73. Todd Johnson says


    The list at the top of this page is the current list. As I learn of new colleges that superscore the ACT I add them to the list.

  74. Sandy P says

    Does Ohio State superscore ACT?? If not, do you know if they are looking into the possibility for 2011 HS graduates?

  75. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge, Ohio State does not superscore the ACT and I have not heard anything of a policy change for next year. However, that is not the sort of thing that the colleges generally make known until they actually change the policy.

  76. Wilton says


    During superscoring, is the combined essay and english score separate, or what do the colleges do with the combined score?

  77. Todd Johnson says


    Most colleges that superscore the ACT use the 4 main sections. However, that is not to say that some might not also use the combined English essay score for some purpose. This is a decision made by each college.

  78. Henry says

    What about the common application? Will colleges just mix and match the two ACT scores I’ll put down?

  79. Todd Johnson says


    The common application does not make any difference on how a college handles the ACT score. If the college superscores the ACT, then they will do so from wherever they receive the scores. If the college does not superscore then having multiple scores will not make any difference. Also, the vast majority of colleges require official scores from ACT or SAT and the scores reported on the common app or any other application are just informational.

  80. Claudia Hannon says

    Great Information! Thank you. Two questions.
    1. My daughter is applying to some schools that DO superscore & REQUIRE ACT writing. Do you think most schools accept/use ONE subject area from a NON-WRITING ACT sitting?
    2. When calculating superscore is a 33.75 really the same as a 34?

  81. Todd Johnson says


    I am not sure I understand your first question. If you are asking if you can substitute a non-writing section for writing the answer would be no if that college requires the writing section. If you are asking if colleges will combine an ACT section with a SAT section, generally the answer is no although there are some colleges that do mix and match ACT and SAT scores. If you are asking something different let me know.

    As to the second part of your question, yes a 33.75 would be viewed as a 34.

  82. Elizabeth says

    Are you sure Penn State University superscores the ACT? My overall composite went down the second time I took the ACT but my math subscore went way up. Trying to decide if submitting the second set of scores would make a difference.

  83. Mark says

    Stanford has on their website, “If a student takes the ACT more than once, we will mix and match to focus on the highest Composite score and the highest Combined English/Writing Score. ” Isn’t that considered superscoring?

  84. Claudia Hannon says

    So do you think Stanford is really superscoring or are they just using a Composite from your April 2010 sitting and your high English/Writing from your June 2010 sitting? And not creating an actual new composite? Two different things.

  85. Todd Johnson says


    I considered that and reread what they said before responding. The language is open to several possible interpretations but the most logical is that they superscore.

  86. Sarah says

    hey, do you have any info about superscores for Boulder, Washingington Univesity, Purdue, Indiana University, Colorado College, Boston University, University of Vermont, and Marquette?? thanks!

  87. Ann says

    Does the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia superscore the ACT? Also, if a college ‘superscores’ but also requires the ‘writing’ portion of the ACT, do they even consider test scores without ‘writing’? Should I send the scores that did not include ‘writing’ if they included one of my highest subscore grades?

  88. Todd Johnson says


    I have not heard that the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia superscores the ACT.

    The answer to your second question depends on each individual college but I would guess that most colleges would accept subscores from tests that did not include the writing section.

  89. Jayme says

    How does the superscoring process actually work? I mean do you ask the ACT to superscore your results, or do you just send every score report to the college and they only look at the top score from each section?

  90. Ann says

    So, if I don’t know if the college superscores then I should probably go ahead send the ACT test scores that represent my highest subscores. Is that correct?

  91. Todd Johnson says


    Correct. Even if the college doesn’t superscore, sending multiple test scores will rarely hurt you unless you have a lot of scores. For example, if you have taken a test more than three times, a college might wonder if you don’t have anything better to do than take standardized tests.

  92. Bob Boles says

    Does Wake Forest superscore? We had heard that they do, but didn’t see it on the list. Thanks!

  93. Ashwini says

    From the website:

    The University of Illinois does not build a super-score. We use the highest ACT composite or SAT total from a single test date. We do, however, use sub-scores for admission and course placement, and we will use the highest sub-scores available. It is, therefore, to your advantage to send us all of your test results directly from the testing agency each time you sit for a test. Lower scores on file with your application do not hurt your chance for admission.

  94. Todd Johnson says


    I have commented on the policy of the University of Illinois before. Yes, they say they do not superscore. Yet their policy of using the highest subscores is by definition, superscoring. That is why they are on the list.

  95. Amy says

    I got a 33 english, 26 math, 24 reading, 21 science (and a 10 writing) first test, and a 28 english, 20 math, 24 reading, and 23 science second test. Only went up in science. What would my superscore be for these two test scores, and would you report the second test to the schools that superscore? Thanks

  96. Todd Johnson says


    Your superscore would be 26.5. Most colleges will round this up to be a 27. I would probably submit both scores. There is little downside to doing so and if they superscore you get a slight bump.

  97. Robert says


    I have a 3.5 and a 34 superscore ACT (36 science, 31 reading, 33 math, 34 english) would that get me into a place like Boston College?

  98. Todd Johnson says


    As I have said before, grades and test scores are only some of the issues that selective colleges look at in admitting students. You have a strong ACT which will help but without further information about you there is no way to say how competitive you might be for a college like Boston College.

  99. Tintern Abbey says


    My goodness this is helpful. Between the lack of transparency, the lack of common terminology and staggeringly bad college websites I thought I’d never figure this out.

    The University of Vermont mentions on their application checklist that “UVM considers your highest score from any test date; applicants are encourages to send all scores”. So, perhaps they do superscore.

    Thanks for a great resource.

  100. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I will check with Vermont to see if they superscore. The language they use is typically used by colleges that don’t superscore but, as you point out, the lack of a common language on this issue makes it confusing.

  101. Elijah says

    Hi there. Are u sure sure about. The schools on that list. I’m doing early decision to American university and my superstore act would be much higher.

  102. Todd Johnson says


    I do not guarantee anything. The list is accurate to the best of my understanding. If you have questions about a particular college, call and ask that college directly.

  103. Jon says

    I just called the admissions office at UMass Amherst, and they confirmed they DO superscore the ACT.

  104. Jon says

    Also just confirmed with the admissions office at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) that they DO superscore the ACT.

  105. Jon says

    And…Rochester Institute of Technology’s admissions office confirmed they also DO superscore the ACT. (sorry for the multiple posts. didn’t realize I’d get so many answers quickly.)

  106. Matt says

    Brown University DOES NOT superscore.
    I received this email from the admissions office today:

    Hello Matt-
    Although Brown accepts “score choice” for the SAT, we do not superscore the ACT. We would ask that you submit the highest composite score to us (with writing) and we will use that in the evaluation of your applications. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
    The Brown Admission Office

  107. Todd Johnson says


    I have heard conflicting information from the Brown admissions office on their policy of superscoring. I will double check with them again.

  108. Amy says

    Will you be adding U Mass Amherst and Virginia Tech to your list of colleges that superscore the ACT?

  109. Hal says

    Suggestion – instead of the stream of comments, why don’t you just update the list and indicate the date through which it is current?

    Thanks for a good service to the applicants.

  110. Jayme says

    Perhaps this has already been discussed, but the UChicago website says they superscore (just in case you wanted to add it too the list, however I could be mistaken).

  111. Lindsay says

    Hi Todd, you’re doing an awesome job. This site has been really helpful. I’m currently figuring out what schools I need to send multiple score reports to. To my understanding, Boston College superscores, but Miami University (Oxford), Boston University, and Case Western Reserve do not? Is this correct?

  112. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge what you list is the current status of colleges superscoring. However, rarely will it work to your disadvantage to submit multiple test scores even if the college does not superscore.

  113. Riley says

    I have been looking to see if Baylor and Loyola superscore the ACT for a while now, however, I have not been able to find the answer. I was wondering if you knew if Baylor University or Loyola University in New Orleans takes a superscore for the ACT?

  114. Nancy says

    When we went to Brown for an open house, the admissions officer said that they take the highest scores from each sections of the ACT. Which is it Brown??

  115. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. That is the problem right now. Some colleges are giving inconsistent answers to the question of superscoring. I am waiting to hear something from Brown.

  116. Nancy says

    Per Web site: The University of Rochester considers the highest combined SAT/ACT score, even if they are from different test dates. Only your highest scores will be considered in our final admissions decision. Each time you submit scores, we will update your record with any new higher scores. So you can add U of Rochester!

  117. bonnie harley says

    My son just spoke with the rep from Carnegie Mellon who came to his school and was told that they DO NOT superscore the ACT. He is really bummed about it. Can you confirm??

  118. alison c. says

    Just spoke to Cornell admissions. They do not superscore the ACT. They take the highest composite. This list needs to be updated.

  119. Todd Johnson says


    Cornell has been on the list and off now 4 times because every time someone talks with them they give a different answer. I will take them off the list for now until I hear from someone.

  120. Nancy says

    We were told at Cornell that each school within Cornell has its own admit rules. Some schools super score and some do not. For example, we were told CALS super scores but CAS does not.

  121. Nancy says

    My daughter was told by admissions counselor from Worcester Polytechnic Institute that they super score ACT.

  122. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note about Worcester Polytechnic. Worcester is a test optional college that does not require the ACT or SAT at all. I have not listed any test optional colleges on the list which is why Worcester is not listed. I would suspect that the vast majority of those that don’t require testing would superscore both the SAT and ACT.

  123. Ashmit Mittal says

    The University of Georgia superscores the ACT. I have just spoken to an admissions officer to confirm that, however you can also clarify the validity of this information before you post it. I just wanted to let you know. Thanks….

  124. elizabeth says

    This is a little different question.
    My son took sats 3 times and acts 3 times.
    But those scores doesn’t reach to his goal schools, ivy leagues, 2190 sat, 32 or 33 superscore. It will not hurt if he takes one more time sat or act? Cornell is the saffest school of ivys to get in with his score, the school requires all scores takes so far. I hear 4 times must be critical.

  125. Todd Johnson says


    Colleges generally don’t like to see students take a standardized test more than 3 times. There are several reasons for this. The chances of significant improvement after three times is very small. Also, colleges like to see students who are involved in different activities and don’t want to see “test taking” as an activity. Moreover, even with those colleges where test scores are important, grades and classes taken for those grades are the most important issue.

    I would generally recommend that a student find a range of colleges that are a good fit for that student. If they wish to apply to several reach colleges that is fine. But, make sure that there are also a number of match and safety colleges.

  126. Susan says

    My daughter took the ACT twice. First time, composite score was 32 (34/33/34/27). Second time, composite score was 30 (35/30/33/23). Is there any benefit to sending the second score to schools that superscore? It wouldn’t change her overall composite score of 32 and I’m reluctant to submit the second scores since she slipped quite a bit in all areas except the first sub-score.

  127. elizabeth says

    If he applys to collges that use score choice and sends only 2 or 3 sats, will it be OK? Don’t the colleges know how many time he took tests?

  128. Todd Johnson says


    Given the break down of your daughter’s score I don’t think there is any real advantage to sending the second test. I don’t think it would hurt, it just won’t help.

  129. Todd Johnson says


    If the college uses score choice then he can decide which tests to send. However, there are some colleges that require students to submit the score from all test dates. If he is applying to one of those colleges, he would need to submit all of the scores. No, the colleges have no way of knowing how often he took the tests unless he discloses that or they require him to submit all test scores.

  130. Ashmit says

    I am currently a junior. Looking back at a few questions you recently answered, you mentioned that colleges don’t like to see us take the exam more then 3 times. I started taking the ACT my freshman year, and have taken it every few months until now, in hopes of raising my score. Sometimes, it increased, sometimes it didn’t. I was actually planning on trying a couple of more times, because I really think I can improve it. I have not yet sent any scores, and I was under the impression that I could send just the one I did good on, or send a few of them, if the college superscores them. I though the college wouldn’t know that I took it so many times and so it wouldn’t hurt me. However, I didn’t realize that some colleges require us to send every single test score. So would colleges not like that I took it this many times? And would that hurt my chances of getting into any college?

  131. Todd Johnson says


    As with most things in the world of college admissions, it depends. If you grades are great, in challenging courses and your have strong extracurricular activities with leadership, they probably won’t care. But if those items are lacking the colleges may wonder why you took so many tests rather than looking at these other issues. I generally recommend students focus on taking practice tests rather than actual tests to avoid exactly this type of issue. At this point, there is not much to do. Most colleges do not ask for all tests and obviously, you only want to send your best tests.

  132. Ashmit says

    Ok Thank you so much. That helps. I currently do have a 4.0 and challenging courses and good extracurricular activities with a few leadership roles. Therefore, I am hoping I can get into a good college.

  133. Elisa says

    From other blogs/lists I thought that Babson superscored the ACT. Could you confirm what you know?

  134. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note about Kentucky. I will get in contact with them to have them confirm as I always seek confirmation from the college before posting.

  135. Todd Johnson says


    I am not sure I understand your question. If you are asking whether you need to send the scores from the different tests to make sure that the college counts each subscore then yes you need to send each of those tests.

  136. Amit says

    I meant that if i am putting scores from different test dates on each subscore of the common app do i have to send a score report from each test date in which i am sending a subscore? Sorry if its worded weirdly but its kinda hard to put in words.

  137. Richard Weiner says


    Are you sure that Barnard College superscores the ACTs? I have seen conflicting information about this.


  138. Todd Johnson says


    I just got off the phone with Barnard admissions and officially they do not superscore the ACT. The first person I spoke with said that they did but when I said I had conflicting information they checked with a senior admission office who said no. But, they will often take note if there is a higher subscore on another test so I would probably recommend sending each score in if one test has a higher subscore.

  139. Sara says


    I see Pomona and Pitzer on your list but not Claremont, which surprises me. Any information on Claremont? Thanks.

  140. Pat says

    My son was told by a visiting U Of I rep, University of Idaho superscores the ACT. If so, add another to the list.

  141. Gideon Olaleye says

    I emailed Northwestern University and uchicago’s admissions office and they both confirmed that they do superscore the act

  142. Todd Johnson says


    I can recheck but I was contacted by a Associate Director of Admissions at University of Chicago within the past 6 months who indicated that they did NOT superscore the ACT, only the SAT. I will also check with Northwestern.

  143. Nathan says

    Also – I personally super scored my ACT tests and ended up with a 31.4 – would this be counted as a 31 or a 32?

  144. Todd Johnson says


    Yes, it is Wheaton College in Illinois. A 31.4 would be viewed as a 31. If the score is .5 or higher than it rounds up. Otherwise it rounds down.

  145. Nathan says

    I am applying to Washington University in St. Louis. According to the university, the ACT average there is 32-34. WUSTL superscores standardized tests. Is that middle 50% based off of the superscores. I have a 31 composite but a 32.25 superscore. What do you think my chances are at getting in?

  146. Todd Johnson says


    Yes, there stated middle range of ACT scores are superscored. There is no way I can give an estimate of your chances based on ACT score alone. Grades and classes taken are the most important factor in admissions although with highly competitive programs like Wash U, there are many factors that come into play in determining admissions.

  147. alison c. says

    Unless you are in the top 5% of your class and have a GPA above 100%, you should re-take the test. You are doing great but you need to try to raise your score to a 34. You don’t need the writing section. Focus on the subject of your weakest score.

  148. Todd Johnson says


    I disagree that Nathan needs to retest unless he wants to. The difference between a 32.5 and and a 34 at a school like Wash U is negligible. Once you have the grades and test scores to put you in the middle 50% it is the rest of your application that becomes more important. Activities and essays for example will have much greater impact with these facts.

  149. alison c. says

    Hi, Todd. Hi Nathan. This is for you, Nathan. I think it depends on how important it is to you, Nathan. I was assuming it is very important or you wouldn’t take your time to ask the question online. Personally, i wouldn’t want to wind up in the middle 50%. Lots of kids have great extracurriculars, references and interviews that probably, at least, equal the quality of yours. I was trying to motivate you to stand out in some way. I am not an expert, but maybe you could look at your “total picture” and let that help you decide. I’ll bet you already know the answer. The most important thing to remember is that there is no “ONE” school where you will be happy and successful. There are many.

  150. Robi says

    Does Claremont Mckenna Superscore? It seems as though most of the other Claremont Colleges do.

  151. Robi says

    Thank you Todd for your swift response! Also, do you have any information on Occidental College and Rice? Also, do you think if enough people raise the concern to a particular college of Superscoring the ACT like they do the SAT, is it a possibility that they may change this policy in the next admissions year? Thanks

  152. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge neither Rice nor Occidental superscore the ACT.

    There are various reasons that colleges may or may not superscore the ACT. It is possible that if enough people raise the issue to the college that it may change their approach to the ACT.

  153. Robin says

    Pulled this from University Rochester website.

    Is this saying that they superscore ACT??

    * The University of Rochester considers the highest combined SAT/ACT score, even if they are from different test dates. Only your highest scores will be considered in our final admissions decision. Each time you submit scores, we will update your record with any new higher scores.

  154. Todd Johnson says


    The language that University of Rochester is not clear although it may indicate that they superscore. I was aware of their stated policy but have not heard back from their admissions department to clarify. Thanks for the note.

  155. Nicole B says

    This is a great service you provide!! My son is applying to Liberty University and Boyce College, neither of which is yet on your list. Do you know if they superscore the ACT? His first score was a 23 and the second was a 22, but his superscore was a 27. Thank you!

  156. Todd Johnson says


    I have no information on Liberty University or Boyce College. However, my experience has been that colleges often pay attention to the subscores even if they don’t superscore so the higher scores on some tests will probably be noticed.

  157. Robin says

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    How about University of Michican? do they superscore?

    also, was at Univ of Maryland this past week and then in an email asked the admission if they superscore. below is her response, sounds like a no.

    my question:
    I believe that you mentioned that UM does “superscore” the highest subscores of the SAT exam. Do you do the same for the ACT or simply use the ACT”composite score?


    “We do use a composite ACT score, but we will use the best composite if students take it more than once.”

  158. Joe says

    Does the university of San Diego superscore the act? Because their site says “Students that take the ACT multiple times will be evaluated using their highest composite score.” but it’s on your list. I really want to get into usd nxt year and my highest composite score is a 24, but a superscore 26. I have a 3.3 gpa and a ton of extracurriculars such as being president of the school. What r my chances at getting in?

  159. Todd Johnson says


    I will double check with University of San Diego to confirm that they superscore the ACT.

    I can’t really say what your chances are without much more information.

  160. Shannon says

    I don’t know if anyone has already said this but I toured Ball State University last summer and at the information session they said to send all of the ACT scores the applicant has taken because they will be superscored. I personally as a high school senior who is looking at colleges that seem to prefer the ACT think all colleges should do this, as was explained why they do it at Ball State: the student obviously knows or understands the subject; however, when they retake the test they may have forgotten their calculator, didn’t get a goodnights sleep, or some event has stressed them out ( a death, divorce etc.)

  161. Evan S says

    Does the College of William and Mary, Rutgers University, University of Richmond, George Washington University, or James Madison University superscore the ACT and/or the SAT?

  162. Bob says

    Hi, I recently asked a Pitzer admissions counsler whether or not they superscore the ACT and they said no, however I also remember asking someone else before and they gave somewhat of a yes. How did you find out it was a yes, a phone call, email? Thanks

  163. Todd Johnson says


    This is a persistent problem with keeping track of who superscores the ACT. Different admissions officers from the same colleges give different answers. I only put a college on the list if an admission counselor from the college confirms in a phone conversation that they use superscoring.

    To the extent that Pitzer is test optional for students in the top 10% or with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or better, I think it very unlikely that they would not also superscore the ACT to give the student the greatest flexibility.

  164. says

    University of Chicago superscores both ACT and Sat. Confirmed via their admissions site. Does Columbia university superscore?

  165. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the information on the University of Chicago. They have been added to the list. To the best of my knowledge, Columbia University does not superscore the ACT.

  166. Christy says

    Have you heard if Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville and Missouri State University in Springfield superscore? I konw they’re not on your list but thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks.

  167. Amanda says

    i have taken the ACT with writing twice and got good scores. i want to take the ACT again to increase my composite score but do i have to take it with writing still? or will schools take my best composite score and my writing score even if they werent taken on the same test?thanks.

  168. Todd Johnson says


    If the college superscores the ACT you shouldn’t need to retake the writing section. However, if the college doesn’t superscore the ACT and requires the writing section you would need to retake the writing section.

  169. Josh says

    Alright so I want to apply to NYU… i have a 34 english, 34 math, 31 reading, 31 science… do colleges read that as a 32.5 or as a 33?

  170. Janice Feldman says

    My son visited Penn State, and they said they do not superscore, but now I see it on the list. Can you confirm their policy?

  171. Todd Johnson says


    The problem with maintaining this list is that the answer to the question often varies depending on who you ask at a particular college. Last I checked about a year ago, I was told that Penn State did superscore the ACT.

    I will check with them again to see what the response is.

  172. Todd Johnson says


    I just did a quick check of their website and on the web site they say that they do not superscore the ACT or SAT. I will take them off the list. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  173. Jan says

    Todd: I’m fairly certain that the reason you are receiving conflicting responses from colleges is that the term “superscore” is not fully understood by all admission officers, particularly less experienced ones. It is simple to superscore the SAT because the sections are not averaged to come up with a composite like ACT uses. I believe that when asked if they superscore, some colleges think they are just being asked if the highest composite from multiple ACTs is being used, so they respond yes. Many colleges do not choose to superscore since it means re-averaging the highest section scores from multiple tests, i.e., a new composite would need to be calculated, especially if the composite is what was used in statistical reporting in previous years.

  174. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. You are absolutely right that many of the less experience admission officers just are not clear on the question. Your explanation, however, is one of the best I have seen regarding the difficulty faced by colleges.

  175. alan darling says

    An admissions counselor at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) told me today that they superscore the ACT subsections when the test is taken more than once.

  176. Matthew says

    Todd- I am looking at top liberal arts colleges (Carleton, Grinnel, St. Olaf) and was wondering if any superscore the ACT. I took it twice, and composite for both was 30, but superscored would be 33. My first choice would be St. Olaf, and while I feel confident I could get in, a 33 would greatly help and would impact the financial aid.

  177. Ryan says

    Hi Todd,
    I know you have the University of Miami on your list, but are you completely sure they superscore? My highest composite is a 27 (which would possibly be a stretch to get in)but my superscore is a 30, which would help me greatly. Thanks

  178. Todd Johnson says


    I can’t guarantee that any college on the list will superscore the ACT because it is a decision of the college. To the best of my knowledge, the University of Miami does superscore the ACT. I would suggest that you contact the University directly to confirm.

  179. Luke says

    I talked to a University of Vermont rep that said they superscore the ACT. I also found this on their web sight: “UVM considers your highest scores from any test date; applicants are encouraged to send all scores officially from the testing agency to UVM.”

  180. alan darling says

    I was also told by an admissions rep at UVM this week that they superscore the ACT.

  181. arnold says

    I’ve been an alumni interviewer for Princeton for 25 years, and have even seen how they mark up an application in admissions.

    Bear in mind that regardless of whether or not a school officially superscores the ACT, if you send them multiple scores, they will look at all of the subscores.

    Admissions at the most selective schools is rarely based on a computed aggregate number that is generated simply by factoring in your test scores, GPA and class rank.

    It may work that way at some large state schools, and it generally does work that way in Canada.

    However, the selective schools look at the applicant’s package wholistically (and they look at schedule strength, leadership, extracurriculars and many other factors in addition to hard numbers). They will look at all of your scores, noting the ones that are higher, even if they don’t officially superscore.

    Here’s a comment from a Lafayette admissions officer when I asked if they superscore the ACT, and whether my son would be better off taking the ACT more than once:

    “When looking at the ACT scores, Lafayette uses the highest composite score in the admissions process. We can see the sub scores and note when they are very different, but in making admissions decisions we focus on the composite score. I would probably recommend that he takes the test again – in general most students test better the second or third time, likely because some of the anxiety is lessened once they are more comfortable with the test. Testing is certainly not the only part of the process, but it does play a role, so it would be to his advantage to try again.”

  182. Todd Johnson says


    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You are absolutely correct that the more selective colleges use test scores as but one issue in making admissions decisions.

  183. alan says

    An admissions counselor from Union College of Schenectady, NY, told me today that they now superscore the ACT.

  184. Todd Johnson says


    I realized after my quick post that Union is one of the colleges that is test optional. My experience is that almost all of the test optional colleges will supersocre the ACT to give the students the most benefit since the test scores are not required. For those students that do submit scores they want to give the student the benefit of the doubt with multiple scores and therefore superscore.

    Because of this, the colleges I list as superscoring the ACT are only those that require standardized tests for admissions.

  185. jasmine says

    university of Illinois doesn’t superscore. They only say that they recommend you to send in your highest sub-scores.

  186. Todd Johnson says


    I am aware of the University of Illinois statement that they do not superscore the ACT. However, the statement goes on to say that they use the highest subscores available for admissions and will look at the scores from different test dates. This by definition is superscoring so despite their statement, I have them on the list. I have also confirmed this with the admissions department of the University of Illinois.

  187. Shelly says

    Greetings. From its Website, it looks like Virginia Tech superscores the ACT, as well. Can you please confirm? I thought University of Virginia and James Madison did but couldn’t confirm. Thank you.

  188. Todd Johnson says


    I just had a chance to confirm with the colleges you mention. Virginia Tech does superscore the ACT and have been added to the list. The University of Virginia and James Madison University do NOT superscore the ACT.

  189. John says

    Does UPenn superscore the ACT? I went into the website and it said that, “Penn will take the highest of any individual scores from any administration.” Does this mean that UPenn will take the highest sub-scores from each ACT section?

  190. Todd Johnson says


    My understanding is that U Penn does not superscore the ACT. They will look at the best ACT composite score that you get from multiple testings.

  191. Brian Murphy says

    Hello! It looks as though Brown University has rescinded their ACT superscore policy (they no longer do). However, I have been unable to confirm this, but did hear about it from an admissions officer there. Do you think you could confirm one way or another?
    Thanks so much!

  192. Rachel says

    Hi! Do you know if Bates and Bowdoin superscore? I know they are test optional, but I haven’t been able to get a clear answer..


  193. Jamie says

    I was at a meeting for Claremont Mckenna yesterday, and according to the associate dean of admission they do superscore the ACT

  194. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I always confirm with the college before putting them on the list so I will contact Claremont Mckenna and confirm with them.

  195. Jamie says

    I emailed him before I posted this and this is the response that I received.

    Dear Jamie,
    Thanks for the note. I’m glad you were able to attend the reception in Chicago. Regarding the ACT, CMC will record your highest scores from each subsection of the ACT from multiple tests, but we do not recalculate a new composite score based on those subsection scores. So, we will see all your highest scores, but the actual composite score in our database will be based on your highest composite from a single test.

    I hope that clarifies matters. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


  196. Jamie says

    I emailed the CMC speaker before I posted this, here is his response:

    Dear Jamie,

    Thanks for the note. I’m glad you were able to attend the reception in Chicago. Regarding the ACT, CMC will record your highest scores from each subsection of the ACT from multiple tests, but we do not recalculate a new composite score based on those subsection scores. So, we will see all your highest scores, but the actual composite score in
    our database will be based on your highest composite from a single test.

    I hope that clarifies matters. Please let me know if you have any further questions.


  197. pamela says

    Stanford does not superscore the ACT. Its website says:

    Superscoring Test Results

    For the SAT, we will focus on the highest individual Critical Reading, Math and Writing scores from all test sittings.

    For the ACT, we will focus on the highest Composite and the highest Combined English/Writing scores from all test sittings. We will also consider individual subscores.

  198. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. This is apparently a change of policy for Stanford because they have confirmed in the past that they did superscore the ACT. They have been removed.

  199. Donna says

    Roger Williams University appears to superscore both SAT and ACT. Below is from their website:

    SATI/ACT score(s)
    We consider your highest section scores across all test dates that you submit. Feel free to send any additional scores that you want to make available.

  200. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note about Roger Williams University. They have been added to the list.

    On a random site note, Roger Williams is my wife’s 9th great grandfather.

  201. Dena says

    Hi Todd,

    Can you tell me if the University of Oklahoma superscores? It doesn’t say that they do on their Web site and it does list a specific score needed for admission but it also lists alternatives such as a certain GPA and being in the top 25% of your class. My child has an unweighted 3.70 GPa and 3.96 GPA weighted and is two people away fromt the top 25% however her ACT test falls short or the required score but it may add up under a superscore. She has a lot of AP/Honors classes and many EC’s. Does she still have a chance of getting in do you think?

  202. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge Oklahoma does not superscore. Colleges can do whatever they like but I would suspect given the facts you provided that they would still consider her for admissions, particularly if you are instate. Of course, she also needs to have another choice where she knows she will get admissions just in case Oklahoma doesn’t work out.

  203. Janice Feldman says

    My son visited the University of Pittsburgh last week and was told by an admissions counselor that Pitt does superscore the Act, so you might be able to add that to the list. Please confirm with school that what I heard was correct.

  204. says

    Hi Todd,

    I am an SAT and ACT tutor, and I just wanted to let you know that this list has been extremely helpful for my students. When they’re considering whether to take the SAT or the ACT, I tell them to use your website to get an idea of whether they can superscore the ACT at their college of choice (it’s pretty much a given that they can superscore the SAT, at least on the east coast). Thank you very much for providing this information free of charge!

    – Everitt

  205. Amy says

    Hi, Todd.
    Whenever I was filling in the common application, I noticed that they make you write three test dates that I took or will take ACT. Do I have to send all three scores if I write the dates down?

    I have taken ACT three times and I am sending my application to a school that superscores. I was thinking about combining first two scores. But on my last test, I got 36 in Math but my grades went down on other sections. Since I already have a 35 on other test date, do you think it is not recommendable to send the third one?

  206. Todd Johnson says


    Filing in the test dates for the common application is not required for all test dates. You can put in whichever dates you wish. The same applies to sending the actual scores. Unless the college requires that all scores be sent, you can send in one, two or all three tests, your option. In general terms unless your scores went way low on the other sections where you got the 36 math, I would probably send all three tests.

  207. Jules Winnfield says

    does tulane university superscore act’s, im right on the cusp of the average admitted student and it would be huge if they did superscore, please let me know!!!!

  208. Aran Merati says

    Yale came to my school with an alumni representative last week. He said that Yale DOES super score the ACT, but they do it themselves. AKA, you send them everything you have and they super score it on their own.

    Now for my question, I have a 35 on the ACT 4.4 GPA overall 4.65 10-12. On the ACT it’s 35 composite (35 english, 36 math, 33 reading, 35 science, and 9 on the essay). I also have another one from the first time i took it without studying or knowing the break downs of the test to see what i needed to work on but it’s a 31 composite. The thing is though, it has a 10 on the essay. Should i send both? I’m applying to Harvard REA.

    Thank you.

  209. Aran Merati says

    Ok thank you Todd,

    Is a 9 on the essay bad? I’ve never been good at english/history but i still took the AP courses for them. I don’t want them to think I’m incompetent because I did well on all of it except the essay.

  210. kelly says

    Is it ok to mention 2 different test dates and the breakdowns for the ACT on the common application but officially submit only one report? The school is score choice and does not super score the ACT. The only reason for mentioning both of them on the common app is because one section and essay are better on first test but superscored composite would be the same. The composite scores are 2 points apart ( 33 and 31).

  211. kelly says

    Thank you Todd,

    The only downside is that the lower test has one section with a much lower sub score and I would’t want to flash.

  212. Aran Merati says

    Hi Todd,

    Sorry to talk to ask another question, but I need to know before I send my scores since I am doing it very very soon. Is a 9 on the essay bad? Does it not seem as good as my other scores? I’m not really sure the impact it has on applications.

  213. pamela says

    A 9 on the essay is a 93rd percentile score. A 10 is a 99th percentile score. So a 9 is quite good. Congrats. (You can find the percentiles on the ACT website, and in the paper version of the score report you received.)

  214. Aran Merati says


    Thanks, but my score is 35 composite (35/36/33/35 and 9 on the essay) but that’s my 2nd try. My first one was 31 since I didn’t know what time the sections were and ever took a practice, but I got a 10 on that essay. So I don’t know if I should send both or just the one.

  215. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I have added the University of Georgia to the list. Since virtually all of the colleges that are test optional use superscoring, I don’t include any of them on the list. Since Sewanee is test optional, I have not added them.

  216. Karen says

    I just got off the phone with University of Illinois and University of San Diego and both admissions departments told me they do not superscore the ACT

  217. Todd Johnson says

    I will double check with USD and I know that Illinois says they don’t superscore the ACT. They are on the list, howvever, because they say that they do consider the highest sub section score from different testing dates which by definition is superscoring.

  218. Cynthia says

    Do you know if University of the Pacific superscores ACT? they state on their website that they superscore but only uses the SAT as an example.


  219. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge University of Pacific does not superscore the ACT. Most colleges do superscore the SAT so if they only talk about the SAT chances are that this is the only test they supersscore.

  220. chris says

    Just a heads up…. Carnegie Mellon does not superscore. I saw it on this website and asked their admission representatives. they said that they only superscore the SAT

  221. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I just got off the phone with Carnegie Mellon and they confirmed that they do not superscore the ACT so I have taken them off the list.

  222. Arianna says

    Hi, I have applied to Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Dartmouth and UPenn through Questbridge’s Early Decision program. When I sent in my application, I sent in my first score of 31. I just got back my new scores and I got a 31 again, but it was because the place I took it the second time provided a poor testing environment. However, my superscore is now 34. I know that if I take it again, I’ll get a better score. Should I still send my new scores in hopes that they’ll superscore them or at least look at each individual section, or should I just retake it in time for the regular decision deadline and use the better score for regular decision? UPenn makes it clear on their page that they take the best scores from every section.
    Thank you for your time,

  223. Ashley says

    I took the ACT without writing a few months ago, and I got a 29. It was my first time taking it, so I just wanted to see how I would do, so I didn’t take the writing, which I should have. I am taking it again in December with the writing. Would University of Illinois take the best subscores from both the ACT w/o writing and the one with writing?

  224. Todd Johnson says


    You should send all of your scores because even if they don’t superscore they may very well look at the subscores. If you seriously think you can do substantially better, then try a retake of test.

  225. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I just got off the phone with admissions at both Kettering and Iowa State. Kettering confirmed that they do superscore the ACT and they will be added to the list. Iowa State said that they do not superscore the ACT but take the highest composite score that the student receives.

  226. Daniel says

    You have Brown University listed. I spoke with an admissions rep several weeks ago and she said they consider highest composite score and do not superscore the ACT. What’s the verdict?

  227. Donna says

    This is not really an ACT superscore question but it is related to the ACT. Do you know whether colleges would be able to tell from the report of ACT scores whether a student signed up to take the ACT but then didn’t take it for whatever reason? Thanks!

  228. Todd Johnson says


    I have been told by Brown admissions reps that they do superscore the ACT. I will check with them again because some colleges change their policies without notice or, more likely, not everyone in the admissions department is on the same page. I have seen this happen in many colleges where one person says that they do superscore and someone else says they don’t.

  229. pamela says


    I agree with Todd. Different admissions officers at the same school give different answers re superscoring. I’ve found it best to get an answer in writing. I send the following email:

    I am in the process of applying to [school]. Could you please tell me if, when considering ACT scores, you combine the best subscores (math, writing, etc.) from all sittings, or use only scores from the single best sitting?

    For example, assume a student scored as follows on the ACT:

    Subject Test 1 Test 2

    Math 36 30
    Reading 36 30
    Writing 30 34
    Science 30 34

    Composite 33 32

    Would you combine the best subscores from the two sittings ((36+36+34+34)/4 = 35 composite score) or use the 33 composite score from Test 1?

  230. Daniel says

    This is the response I received in writing from Brown University about 3 weeks ago. What would you conclude?

    Thank you for your interest in Brown University. We offer score choice for the ACT. Students have the options to submit the highest composite score from one date. Keep in mind that automatically focus on our highest test scores anyway; in that sense we exercise “score choice” for the applicant ans always in their favor.

    Best wishes,
    The Board of Admission

  231. Sean says

    I just received an email from Lafayette College that said that they are now super-scoring the ACT, and they advise applicants to send in all their test scores.

  232. Todd Johnson says


    My policy is to confirm with each college before listing them on the list. I have just emailed Lafayette and I will add them once they confirm. Thanks for the note.

  233. Sally says

    Oberlin’s website says, “We do require standardized test scores, from either the SAT or the ACT with writing, and we will consider your best score for each subsection if you take the test more than once.”

    Does this mean that they superscore the SAT and/or the ACT? Or does this mean that they look at the composite as reported, but take best scores from each subsection into account? Have you spoken with anybody at Oberlin? Thanks.

  234. Daniel says

    Attempting to confirm with a college rep both verbally and in writing does not clarify for Brown University. They seem to confuse Score Choice with Super Scoring for the ACT. I read from their letter they are not looking at individual sub scores and that was the answer from a college admissions rep. Did you follow up? I would take Brown off your list unless others know differently!


  235. Todd Johnson says


    I have not had a chance to review with Brown but based on the letter you received I have taken Brown off the list for the time being. If I hear anything different I will mention it on the list.

  236. April says

    I saw in the comments that you say Cornell does superscore, but it is not on the master list. I did not find anything on the website sying that they do superscore, but I have not had the chance to call them. What is the final verdict on Cornell?

  237. Todd Johnson says


    Cornell has been on and off the list 4 times because every time I ask an admissions officer I get a different answer. Until I get a definitive “yes” they are not on the list.

  238. Ram says

    Q: What are Williams’ standardized test requirements?
    A: We require students to submit either the SAT or ACT. In both cases, we will only consider a student’s highest scores; we “super score” the ACT, meaning we take the highest scores from individual sittings and use the average in our evaluation process.

  239. Ram says

    Indiana University, Bloomington

    IU Bloomington is now super scoring the ACT! For students entering fall 2012, we’ll combine the highest scores foreach subtest from different exams for a new ACT composite. We’ll also consider the highest critical reading and mathcomponent scores of the SAT. We encourage students to test several times to improve their chances for admission and scholarships.

  240. Ram says

    University of Vermont

    Information regarding SAT Score Choice and ACT Super Scoring: UVM considers your highest section scores across all SAT and ACT dates submitted. Applicants are encouraged to send scores from every SAT or ACT test date in which they received a top score in each section. Final admissions decisions are based only on your highest section scores, and UVM updates applicant records each time we receive new scores.

  241. Ram says

    All the information posted today bt me was based on google search across al university websites using the following search command.

    superscore ACT site:edu
    I did not analyze all 700 results. Someone should. You can also search specific university for example the serach for cmu is
    superscore ACT

  242. ram says

    contacted CMU. sorry for my wrong info before. Correct answer

    Thanks for your email to the Carnegie Mellon University Office of Admission.

    We only superscore the SAT, not the ACT. If you have taken the ACT multiple times, we use whatever test you received the highest composite score.

    Best regards from Carnegie Mellon’s Office of Admission. “

  243. Todd Johnson says


    Williams clearly says that they do not superscore the ACT in the sense that it is used here to mean taking the highest subscores from different dates.

    “We will consider your best individual critical reading, math, and writing scores on the SAT, best composite ACT, and the best two scores among any SAT subject tests you take.”

    Averaging out the scores like Williams does may give some advantage but not as much as taking the high score.

  244. Ram says

    Here is the response from Williams admissions.

    “I am sorry for the conflicting information on our website. That was actually supposed to be changed a while ago so we are sorry for the confusion. We will take the highest combined scores for both the SAT and the ACT with Writing and will take into consideration the two highest SAT II’s. I will make sure this information on our website is corrected. Regardless how many tests you take, we will take the highest scores from the test dates that you provide us with to create the highest combined score. If your highest sections were on different test dates, please send all of those test dates. If the highest sections are all on one test date, then just send that one date. “

  245. Dylan says

    Does Stanford superscore the ACT? It says on their website that they take the highest composite and the highest English/writing scores from all test sittings. So does that mean they recalculate a new composite by including the highest English/writing score? Also, do colleges such as rice, upenn, u of Chicago, and USC, throw away the lowest act composite scores from all test sittings and only keep the highest composite scores? I got a 25 for the first act, 31 for the second act, and 25 again the third time. I only took the third time to take the English section. I’m worried it will affect my chances. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  246. Todd Johnson says


    Stanford does not superscore the ACT. However, like most colleges, they do review your individual section scores to see how you did. Since they obviously consider the English/writing score important they will give you credit for the highest score from various test dates. This is more from the standpoint of giving you credit for ability in English.

    Almost all colleges will take your highest score for primary consideration. It is not that they throw the other scores out, it just is that they don’t give them much, if any, weight.

  247. Dylan says

    Ok thanks a lot for your quick response! The first time I. took the ACT, I took it for experience back in June and received a 24. I took it again better prepared in september an received a 28. And in December, I took it one final time just to increase my English/writing score, which I did, and received a 24 again. The problem is that I received some low subscores for the two 24’s such as a 20 in science for the December ACT because I didn’t try on that section. Will they take notice and mark me down for having two bad tests? Will it greatly affect my admissions chances for Stanford, rice, USC, and upenn by having two very low composite scores and one decent score? Or will they just ignore it and focus on the 28 and the English/writing section?

  248. Ram says

    Here is the reply from Brown admissions.

    “We do NOT superscore the ACT. We take the best total score from one sitting, however, we can see the separate components of the ACT and not just the total score. We DO superscore for the SAT.”

  249. pamela says

    Ram – I have found that asking the simple follow-up question “Would you be so kind as to explain your reasoning for superscoring the SAT but not the ACT?” sometimes can provoke a change in policy.

  250. Robert says

    I see that Cornell is not on your superscore list for the ACT, but one of the comments seems to indicate they do superscore. Can you confirm their policy?

  251. Todd Johnson says


    I have been told by Cornell admissions on several occasions that they do superscore the ACT and on several occasions that they do not superscore the ACT. One of my readers was told that whether they superscore the ACT depends on which college is involved. At this point, I do not have them listed until I can get a definitive answer.

  252. Ben says

    Hi I have a quick question if you took the ACT twice once with writing and once without and lets say you got 28 and 12 essay then you decided to take it again but since you got a perfect essay score and taking into account that the writing portion is optional choose to take the ACT again in order to boost your composite score but not take it with writing and you got a 30. Once you send these scores to colleges and they look at them, will they automatically throw away your 30 and just focus on the 28 that came with writing or will they take into account that you achieved a perfect essay score and decided to take it again to improve your composite. Or do they consider the highest composite score across all test dates and the highest Writing/English score across all test dates, disregarding that the school super scores. This applies of course to the schools that take the ACT with writing.

  253. Todd Johnson says


    It varies from college to college but in general terms they will superscore the ACT regardless of whether the writing test was taken or not. Some colleges want to see the writing section and others don’t care. For those that care, they will look at the writing score and superscore the rest.

  254. Ben says

    Thank you Todd for your explanation but I seem to be still having a bit of confusion. To further explain my question in a more personal sense, I applied to Emory university and turned in two ACT scores one with writing and one without. Emory takes only the ACT with writing. I got a perfect score on essay and a 32 composite. Then on my second ACT without writing I got a 33 composite score and there was no essay score at all hence the no writing. My concern is if they will just look at my 32 with the writing since all they take is ACT with writing and totally ignore the clearly higher 33 because it didn’t come with a writing score attached. I am also quite sure Emory doesn’t super score ACT but that’s kind of irrelevant to my concern. Thanks.

  255. Heidi says

    It sounds like what you are asking is whether the schools that require your essay (who do agree to superscore) will also create a new “superscored” English/Writing score by taking your higher English subscore of 30(from the test on which you did not do the essay) and combine it with your essay score of 12 that you received on the other ACT test and create a new superscored English/Writing score of, say, 32, rather than using the English/Writing score of 30 that you got the first time when you did ACT Plus Writing. Do I have that right? So, essentially, the question seems to be whether the schools who are superscoring on the ACT also superscoring the English/Writing score? I think your question is a good one, though it certainly complicates things by adding a new wrinkle to the whole superscore question. I am a little cynical about whether most admissions officers, who are already seemingly overwhelmed with applications to pour over, can & will go the extra mile to do a *true* ACT superscore as you are suggesting. Will be interested to see what Todd has to say about it.

  256. Todd Johnson says


    Most colleges don’t worry about the writing section of the ACT for superscoring purposes. So, while the English/Writing score may be looked at, it isn’t part of the superscoring that is typically done. The reality is that many colleges don’t pay much, if any, attention to the writing section anyway which is part of the reason it is not put into the superscoring. And as you suggest, time is often a concern also since most counselors have limited time to review the applications they receive.

  257. Lisa says

    My son is intersted in the Virginia State schools, such as UVA, VA Tech and JMU. He received a 31 composite ACT (which is a good score for him) with a 35 on the reading section which was way above what he averaged in practice, but on a 28 on math which is a bit below. The question is should he retake in order to get a higher math score, realizing that the reading score could drop and (more than) off-set the (possible) gain in math – and that the composite could be lower. He is very interested in VA Tech, so since they superscore I guess there is no reason not to retake? Thanks!

  258. Todd Johnson says


    Colleges generally try to give students the benefit of the doubt with regard to test scores. I agree that there is little downside to retaking the test to get the math score up if he things that the current score doesn’t reflect his true ability.

  259. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. Sorry it took me so long to respond. My policy is to confirm with the college before listing them on the site. I just had time today to confirm with Maryland and they did confirm. They have been added.

  260. John Qiu says

    Hi Todd, I recently got an act of 32 and a superscore of 33, but my gpa is only a 3.69 and I am ranked 144 out of 450 at a very competitive school. I didnt realize the importance of school in 9th or 10th grade, and messed up. My act is better than a majority of my school, will that help out enough?

  261. Todd Johnson says


    If your grades are improving since 9th and 10th grade that will be a good sign. You will need to explain what happened those first two years but most colleges will understand. Of course it depends on how selective the colleges are that you are considering because at many of the selective colleges the students will have good grades all 4 years.

  262. John Qiu says

    Also, if you have taken very challenging classes such as 5 advanced placements and have gotten B’s and A’s would colleges prefer that over taking only one or two advanced placements and receiving a majority of A’s?

  263. Eric says

    Hi, was wondering about Holy Cross. I plan to apply this fall..and had never heard that they super scored the ACT. I know that they are test optional, and I even asked admissiins about super scoring..and their vague answer was a “no”. Can you confirm this? Thanks

  264. Todd Johnson says


    I don’t track test optional colleges since they don’t require a test. The vast majority of colleges that are test optional will superscore the ACT if submitted but I can’t say for sure with Holy Cross.

  265. Kyle says

    Hi, I saw that American University was on the list, but I’ve been told by multiple people that they don’t superscore their ACT. I was wondering if you could shed some light on the matter.

  266. Todd Johnson says


    In the past when I have checked with the admissions office at American I was told that they did superscore the ACT. As I am sure you are aware, they are in the process of trying a test optional policy if students don’t wish to submit any scores. Generally, most colleges that have gone to a test optional approach do superscore the ACT. However, if a college makes the decision to go test optional on a permanent basis I will probably remove American from the list since it will no longer matter.

  267. Erica says

    Thank you for such a great list! I have a few questions.

    Is it to the students advantage to send multiple scores even if a school does not superscore?

    Also, if a students SAT composite score is a 2150 with a 650 in math, but the act score is a 30 with a 34 in math, is it to the students advantage to send both even though the ACT is lower because of the large gains in one particular subject area?

    Have any of the following schools changed policies since the last comment you posted? It has been years in many cases, and a conformation would be helpful as to the status of ACT superscoring at these places.

    U Michigan – Ann Arbor (March 2011)
    George Washington U (May 2011)
    Tulane U (October 2011)
    Boston U (October 2010)
    Ohio S U – Columbus (June 2010)
    U Florida (No comment)
    U Pittsburgh (Discrepancies in comments. Have you confirmed?)
    Syracuse U (January 2010)
    Miami U – Oxford (October 2010)
    U Massachusetts – Amherst (Discrepancies in comments. Have you confirmed?)
    U Central Florida (January 2010)

  268. Todd Johnson says


    The list is current to the best of the information I have. I commonly recommend that students send all scores because even if the college doesn’t superscore, it is the unusual case where the college will do anything other than look at the best scores. As for your example, the difference between a 34 ACT math and a 650 SAT math is going to be viewed as a common variation in scores between test dates and will not work to your disadvantage to send the lower SAT math score.

  269. Mitch says

    Helpful post! I just have a quick question about sending in scores. I am applying to the University of Michigan, and hopefully their business school, and as far as I know neither of them superscore the ACT. The first time I took it my composite score was a 31 (31 English 28 Math 30 Science 33 Reading 10 Writing). I recently received my retake scores: a 30 composite, 33 English 29 Math 25 Science 34 Reading 11 Writing. Would you advise sending in the second set of scores? Every sub score improved in the re-take, but science fell dramatically. If I send in the second score (to U of M or any other college) will they hold that science score against me?

  270. Todd Johnson says


    Sending in the second score, even with the lower math, won’t hurt but it probably won’t really help either. Most public schools like U of Michigan will just take the high score, in this case the 31 composite and use that, ignoring everything else. Normally with situations like this I just advise students to send everything in since it won’t hurt.

  271. Ken says

    I thought it odd that Swarthmore isn’t on your list while Bryn Mawr and Haverford are, given that the three are part of a consortium. Can you please check Swarthmore again? Thanks.

  272. Todd Johnson says


    Each college makes its own decisions on issues like whether to superscore the ACT. To the best of my knowledge, Swarthmore does not superscore the ACT.

  273. deaddog says

    In Nov 2011, UNC-Chapel Hill adopted new Guidelines for Standardized Testing that confirm that they superscore the ACT.

    “For the ACT, the committee considers the
    highest subject-based scores earned across all test dates.”

    “In using results from the ACT, the committee focuses primarily on the subject-based scores and secondarily
    on composite scores.”

  274. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note on UNC Chapel Hill. I will add them to the list based on the document you cited. It is interesting to note, however, that on their website talking about testing, they say they use the highest composite ACT score. So there is inconsistency on their own website.

  275. ann says

    I was recently ata Syracuse university information session and they said that they did superscore the ACT. I later called and was told the same thing. I am reluctant to rely on that infomation since you don’t have it on your list. What is the story with Syracuse?

  276. scott says

    Does anyone know if U of Oklahoma superscores the ACY? I read on on site that it does but cannot confirm.

  277. Beth says

    Todd…should Williams be added to the list?

    This is from their website:

    We will consider your best individual critical reading, math, and writing scores on the SAT, best ACT score from each individual section (this is called “super scoring” the ACT) , and the best two scores among any SAT subject tests you take. We recommend that you take the required tests in the spring of your junior year and repeat them in the fall of senior year—ideally no later than the December test date.

  278. Todd Johnson says


    Looks like it to me. Thanks for the note. I will add them to the list.

    I am frankly a little surprised that it took them this long to do it considering that Amherst was one of the first to do it years ago.

  279. Edward Loizides says

    Great Job ! My son is applying to Skidmore College.
    Do they superscore the ACT or atleast rake the best sub-scores from multiple ACTs?

  280. Pat says

    Does anyone know if Auburn,UAB,and Michigan State University, and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor superscore the ACT?

  281. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge, Skidmore does not superscore the ACT or take the best subscores.

    On the other hand, their admit rate for males last year was about 49% but only 39% for women. So he will have some advantage from that standpoint.

  282. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge none of the schools you list superscore the ACT. Generally, large public schools have been less likely to do so.

  283. chris says

    Does NYU superscore ACT?
    There is a thread on Collegeconfidential NYU ED 2017 that indicates NYU doesn’t..

  284. Todd Johnson says


    Last I checked with the admissions department, NYU did superscore the ACT. Given their policy of being very flexible on the tests that they require for admissions I think it likely that they have not changed their policy. If you have a question you should check with them directly.

  285. Trisha Jumper says

    Hi. Just thought I’d give an update on a new ACT policy- little off the subject of superscoring- but they are now requiring all ACT scores to be sent to the student’s high school. This is due to their new security policies; they are also requiring pictures to be upload- then they have the high schools confirm the student’s identity. Therefore, from now on, the high schools will have access to all the student’s scores. This may discourage students from taking the test multiple times- since most high school counselors frown upon this- at least in our experience. Forcing students to have their scores sent to their high school, in some ways, seems to go against the idea behind superscoring- which encourages taking test more than once.

  286. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. Hopefully, students will look at what is best for their needs in deciding how many tests to take and won’t worry about what their high school counselors think about the issue. Now, that being said, students need to understand that taking any test more than 3 times is probably a waste of time and money. I always recommend that students take lots of practice tests but limit the number of actual tests taken to two or three.

  287. Janet says

    Thanks for this website; I use it often. I have one very basic question. Is there ONE universally used METHOD for super-scoring the ACT? Is it as simple as adding together the 4 highest sub-scores from English, Math, Reading and Science and then dividing by 4? Or is there some weighting of different sections involved? Do different schools super-score using different methods? Is the English/Writing score used for super-scoring? The essay score?

    Your expertise would be a great help here.

  288. Todd Johnson says


    When it comes to superscoring I hesitate to say that they is one universal method. The definition that everyone started with was as you indicated, add the 4 highest subscores together and divide by 4. To my knowledge, there is no weighting of the different sections. Writing and English/writing are not used for most schools superscoring. The essay score is also not included.

    The University of Illinois is a good example of this. They say that they consider the highest sub score from different test but do not superscore. So what do they consider superscoring? I don’t know. But that is why they are on the list but say they don’t superscore.

  289. Tyler Bradley says

    Can you please tell me if any of the following colleges superscore?

    Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, U Penn, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Carnegie Mellon?

    Thank you so much!

  290. deaddog says


    Sorry if this has been asked/answered previously but when a school that superscores ACT is listed on Naviance or other sites (including their own) as having an “average” ACT or 25th/75th percentile ACT – are those reported scores the superscores?


  291. says

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for this list! You can add Trinity University in San Antonio. Here is a quote from its website:

    The best subtest scores on the SAT I and ACT will be used to create your composite scores, even if they are from different test dates.

  292. Deaddog says

    Todd. I contacted Illinois and got the below response which i read as NO superscoring, by name or deed

    You are correct we do not superscore to create a new composite. Often times your subscores will be reviewed in relevance to the college and/or major of interest. So, for example the College of Engineering will usually take a closer look at the math subscores of the ACT or SAT because students will need to utilize those skills to be successful as an engineering major. In the same way, when your application is under review for your major in the College of LAS, they may look at a subscore in addition to the composite score, if it is relevant to your specific major.

  293. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note on UVA. I have included them on this list with a note to explain their approach. This appears to be similar to what the University of Illinois is doing. While you are correct that this is not true superscoring the net affect appears to be basically the same.

  294. Tom says

    I saw that on Georgia Tech’s website that they not only superscore, but combine the SAT and the ACT to create a superduper score.Is the score tallied as an ACT or SAT score? Any other schools that follow the same policy?

  295. C.A. Bajjalieh says

    Hi Todd, just wanted to advise that I attended an information session on September 22, 2012 with the Illinois representative for American University, who informed the group very explicitly that AU does superscore the SAT, but does not superscore the ACT. Her response drew a very surprised reaction from the group, so she repeated it. She did give a very detailed explanation of their recently implemented Test Optional program.


  296. says

    Hi Todd,

    Colorado College doesn’t officially superscore the ACT. However, it has another option in addition to the SAT I or ACT composite scores. It allows students to submit three scores from a variety of options, including ACT section scores, which in effect allows student to choose the top three section score from their ACT scores for submission. More info is here:

    Thanks again!

    Lisa Hatch

  297. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I am leaving American University on the list because I have confirmed with senior admissions officers in the past that they do superscore the ACT. Moreover, since they are allowing test optional, it would make no sense that they would allow test optional but not super score the ACT. My guess is that the admissions rep you heard misspoke.

  298. Anne Gibson says

    Santa clara University super scores the ACT.

    You listed USD as super scoring but they told me no.

  299. Beth says

    I know that you omit test-optional schools from this list because there is an assumption that they do superscore the ACT, but I am wondering in particular about Bates. Do you have any insight into whether they actually do superscore the ACT or not?


  300. Rick Roberts says

    Does Drexel still not superscore? Does that carry over to their accelerated medicine program?

  301. Eric says

    Thanks for this service. I do think it would make sense to start tracking test optional schools where you have confirmed information. The reality is that standardized tests are quite important in the context of admission to many if not most of those schools for those students who do choose to submit scores. So it would be good to know what methodology those schools use for superscore of the ACT, if it is known. BTW, I believe that Bowdoin does superscore the ACT. The reason is that when we did a visit of the school, they listed a median ACT score for students as 31.5 and obviously you can’t have a fractional number unless you are superscoring.

  302. kim says

    What about East Carolina University? I’ve been looking through the site, but the thread is now so long, my eyes are blurring! :)
    Thanks for your time doing this work!

  303. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge Drexel does not superscore. The BS/MD program almost never superscore even when they do so for regular admissions. This is true of both the SAT and ACT.

  304. ANDREA says

    What would you advise for Ivy application-Harvard, Princeton, Duke: First time ACT Composite 33 with a breakdown 36 E, 34 M, 34 R, 26 S, 32 Writing (JUNE 2012) Then a retake in October 2012: Composite 35, 33 E, 35 M, 35 R, 35 S, 30 Writing. Should I send both scores or sit with the 35. Both tests were with minimal study and being used as a second to a superstore SAT. Will these schools penalize me for the first low Science if I want to pursue sciences.

  305. Todd Johnson says


    It wouldn’t hurt to send both scores but I don’t see a lot of reason to see the 33 composite. I would just send the 35. As long as the second science test is up there, which it is, they won’t care. Moreover, colleges know that the science section is not testing science. It is basically just another reading section.

  306. says

    Thank you so much for maintaining this list. It is invaluable!!

    I know this is a little obscure, but it looks to me like Florida Gulf Coast University is superscoring the ACT. Here is what they say in their admissions FAQ’s:

    “FGCU encourages applicants to submit ALL SAT and ACT scores, because we will use your highest sub-test scores in determining whether you are admissible.”

    Would you add this one to your list?

    Thanks again,

    Nancy G.

    PS I only checked because you included Florida Atlantic!

  307. Andrew s. says

    Any word on whether or not duke, UNC chapel hill, University of Pittsburgh, or Brown superscore the ACT?

  308. Beth says

    UNC Chapel Hill is on the list.

    from UNC admissions blog:
    AnonymousJune 30, 2012 at 7:27 PM
    I was wondering if admissions is superscoring the ACT for the fall 2013 first year applicants.


    JulieJuly 2, 2012 at 8:51 AM
    Hello. Yes, we started “super-scoring” the ACT last year, and will do so again this year. We’ll take the highest score for each section from all test dates and use those as we review your application. Thanks for the question.

    AnonymousAugust 19, 2012 at 11:44 AM
    Does admissions superscore the SAT as well?

    JulieAugust 20, 2012 at 10:15 AM
    Yes, we “super-score” both the SAT and ACT. We’ll use the highest score for each section of the test from all test dates. Thanks.

  309. Jen says

    I can recheck but I was contacted by a Associate Director of Admissions at University of Chicago within the past 6 months who indicated that they did NOT superscore the ACT, only the SAT. I will also check with Northwestern.

    Comment by Todd Johnson — December 28, 2010 @ 5:47 pm
    Dear Todd,

    Were you able to check with Northwestern to find out if they superscore ACT?

  310. Zach says

    Capital University in bexley(Columbus), Ohio superscores. I am 100% sure they do, as I was there just this morning. Thanks for the list it has helped me tremendously.

  311. Brian says

    i was wondering if suny stony brooks superscores the Act because I’ve been hearing that they do and that they don’t so i am quite confused at the moment.

  312. Abigail says

    Our son’s high school counselor listed Arizona State, Wake Forest, Georgetown and Cornell University as “accepting highest combined scores on ACT.” I can see Wake Forest, as a test optional school may do that, but skeptical about the others. Should our son contact each of the schools listed to confirm?

  313. HeidiW says

    Todd, you are amazing for keeping this page going and answering so many questions. It’s a wonder that you have time for anything else! If you had a dollar for every comment here, you’d have, well, 492 dollars including mine. Thank you, thank you for being THE source online for up-to-date ACT superscoring info!

    Like everyone else, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents (sorry to mix money metaphors here): I’ve read on two other sites, claiming to be in the know, that Furman University does superscore, but I don’t see it on your list, so I hesitate to confidently mention it to any of my students (I’m a private tutor).

    I just wanted to pass this on because it is a very popular school here in the South & I’m sure a lot of students would be thrilled to know if they do, indeed superscore.

    I have heard that they recently went test optional, and I know from your comments that you do not include test optional schools because they typically do superscore (And I know you actually do a few other things in life besides maintain this site). But I think the reason people continue to pester you about these test optional schools is that they want assurance — since the answer is so important to both getting accepted to college and paying for it (merit aid). Of course you already know this…

    My policy is to tell students if it makes THAT much difference, i.e. if they believe their admissions or financial aid package hinges on whether a school superscores or not, then they should do their do diligence and call the school directly (however, sadly, from the comments here, not even that is a guarantee… I just hope that when it comes to the people on the admissions committee that THEY are all on the same page with their own policy!). I see from your comments that you’ve told students the same thing in essence if they are not sure.

    I also thought I would bring up (again) your view of test optional schools and superscoring because I found recently on Bowdoin’s site that they are test optional but they DO NOT superscore the ACT:

    “Bowdoin does not require that applicants submit SAT or ACT scores for the purposes of admission. The College has been “test optional” since 1969….Regarding the ACT, Bowdoin does not superscore; instead, the admissions committee will consider the highest submitted Composite score. We will not recalculate a new Composite score from subsection scores earned on different test dates.”

    I wonder if other test optional schools have the same policy? In the case of Furman the superscoring question matters to a lot of my students because they give certain amounts of merit aid in large based on specific ACT (or SAT) scores.

    Here are the sites where I read about the superscoring (even though I know you like to confirm it yourself):

    Anyway, thank you again for doing such a yeoman’s job with this list!!

  314. JJ says

    Do any schools use the conversion table for individual ACT scores to SAT scores. IE If I did well on the reading and math portion but poorly on the science and english portion of the ACT do any colleges take the math reading into account towards the SAT score?

  315. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note. I will check with Furman and put them on the list if they confirm that they superscore the ACT. As for Bowdoin, each college can do as they wish. I think it somewhat odd that they are test optional but don’t superscore but again, not my call.

  316. JJ says


    Thanks for the information Todd. Re superscoring across test (ACT/SAT) VA Tech said on their admissions tour they would pick and chose between SAT/ACT to come up with the best score.

  317. Deb Cha says

    Thanks for all your work on this site! Just want to comment that is is surprising that schools are using the composite at all. In a study released in 2011, Bettinger, Eric P. ; Evans, Brent J. ; Pope, Devin G. reported that while 2 of the tests are highly predictive of college outcomes, the other two (Science & Reading) add only noise. That means that including those two subtests lowers the predictive validity of the ACT. Don’t admissions counselors read the empirical work in their own field? Without adding any cost at all, colleges could enhance the validity of their own decision making by relying only on Math and English. Increasingly I get the sense that the Adcons don’t really care about what they are using to reduce the numbers of applicants. They don’t seem to know what these tests accomplish but they find it useful to report numbers. Anyway to encourage an education here? I’m pretty sure most have attended college so they should be capable of understanding the research.

  318. Deb Cha says

    This is from the abstract of the paper cited above, “Colleges rely on the ACT exam in their admission decisions to increase their ability to differentiate between students likely to succeed and those that have a high risk of under-performing and dropping out. We show that two of the four sub tests of the ACT, English and Mathematics, are highly predictive of positive college outcomes while the other two subtests, Science and Reading, provide little or no additional predictive power. This result is robust across various samples, specifications, and outcome measures. We demonstrate that focusing solely on the English and Mathematics test scores greatly enhances the predictive validity of the ACT exam.”

  319. Todd Johnson says


    There have been numerous studies about both the SAT and the ACT and their validity to predict college success. The general research on both has been that there is little predictive value. But this isn’t about predictive value. This is about colleges wanting to look stronger and more competitive than they might actually be. Using superscoring, SAT or ACT, raises the average score for the college and makes the college look better. Moreover, the people who are making decisions on what to consider and what to not consider is far above the pay grade of the typical admissions counselor. These are decisions made by directors of admissions or VP’s of enrollment. Tha ACT themselves say very specifically that superscoring is not to be used with the ACT. This is about the business of college not a failure to understand the research.

  320. Andrea Aronson says

    I was recently at an information session at John Hopkins University and pointedly asked the question: do you superscore the ACT? The admissions rep was very adamant and said that they absolutely superscore both the SAT and ACT. Apparently, they changed their policy for the 2013 application year.

    I don’t, yet, see Hopkins on your list. Have you heard otherwise about their policies?

  321. Ron Oakley says

    Todd – thanks for maintaining this list! I see the Naval Academy listed here, just wanted to let you know that the Air Force Academy and West Point both superscore as well. My son applied to all three of those, but I’m not certain about the other two Academies – Merchant Marine and Coast Guard. Thanks again!

  322. Joe Jones says

    Seton Hall’s websites says this:
    Q: What standardized tests does SHU accept?
    Seton Hall accepts both the SAT and the ACT. We will take the highest of the two tests and have no preference in regards to which you submit. We only use the critical reading and math section of the SAT, and we will combine your highest scores from either the SAT or the ACT from multiple sittings. Our average two-part SAT score is a 1100 and our average ACT score is 24.

    Does this mean they superscore?

  323. Angie says


    I just saw on their website that Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame, IN) superscores the ACT. It would be great if you could add them to your list as they are not that well known.

  324. Alison says


    Could you check and see if Hofstra University, Adelphi University, NYIT (old westbury), and Wagner College superstore the ACT? I’ve emailed and called admissions with no actual response and was hoping you would have better luck. Thank you in advance, and also, thank you for keeping up with this site!

  325. Andrea Aronson says

    Hi Todd,
    I was in an info session at Princeton University a few days ago, and the admissions rep said that they were now superscoring the ACT. I find that hard to believe but that is what the rep said! You may want to check it out.

  326. Heidi W says

    Just heard from one of my students that the Davidson rep at her school announced it is now superscoring ACT as of this year. Thank you for all you are doing to maintain this list!

  327. Todd Johnson says


    Thanks for the note about San Diego State University. I just confirmed with admissions so will be adding them to the list. Just for clarification, SDSU in my part of the country refers to South Dakota State University.

  328. Beth says

    UVM does superscore the ACT (it’s on Todd’s list.) This is from their website:

    “Information regarding SAT Score Choice and ACT Super Scoring: UVM considers your highest section scores across all SAT and ACT dates submitted. Applicants are encouraged to send scores from every SAT or ACT test date in which they received a top score in each section. Final admissions decisions are based only on your highest section scores, and UVM updates applicant records each time we receive new scores.”

  329. Andrea Aronson says

    Hi Todd,
    I believe that the University of Rochester superscores the ACT, and I don’t see them on your list. This is what their website says: The University of Rochester considers the highest combined SAT/ACT score, even if they are from different test dates. Only your highest scores will be considered in our final admissions decision.

  330. jacqui says

    If a student submits 3 ACT tests to a college that superscores, and the last test has the least best score (but worth submitting because math went up 3 points), would the college judge negatively that the student’s last test was her “worst?” Trying to figure out whether it makes sense to submit best math.


  331. Karthik Kadalablaumatha says

    I got a 34 E, 36 M, 33 R, and 32 S my first time. And my second time I got 36 E, 36 M, 29 R, and 36 S. (CRAZY IKR.) So I was wondering where I should send only one of my scores and where I should send both my scores. BTW, they are both 34, but superscored, it is a 35. I am applying to a lot of privates and UC’s.

  332. Diane says

    Just an FYI – the University of Rhode Island superscores both the SAT and the ACT. After I visited the Salesianum School, their college counselor suggested I message you! Thank you in advance for adding us to your list!

  333. Todd Johnson says


    No, they will take the highest composite test regardless of which test it was. If they superscore the ACT it might be to your benefit since the math score went up in the last test.

  334. Todd Johnson says

    If you can afford it I would send both scores to all of the private colleges you are applying to. With the UC’s I don’t think it will matter which score you send.

  335. says

    I have a question:

    For a second ACT test, if a student goes down on the majority of the test sections, but goes way up and gets a 33 on one section ( 6 points higher than first test), does Admissions see all the scores ( and judge) or does the Admissions rep just see the Superscored results?

  336. Todd Johnson says


    The answer depends on the college. Generally the admissions officer will be able to see all of the scores that you send if they want to. But many colleges just put down the best scores either single test or superscore depending on how that college looks at scores. Most admissions officers will just look at those scores unless there is some reason to look at all scores.

  337. Claudia Haney says

    I have a question about the ACT scores

    So on the September ACT I received Composite: 31(E: 30 M: 35 R: 30 S:29) and on the October one I received a composite of 31 also (E:32 M:32 R:26 S:33).

    For the colleges that do “superscore” the ACT, should I send both scores even though my reading score and math score dropped?

  338. charlie says

    Why would a school superscore the SAT but not the ACT. Is there any material reason to do that?

  339. Jon Rieken says

    Grinnell also superscores their SAT and ACT: “We require all applicants to submit either their ACT (institution code 1318) or SAT (institution code 6252) scores. We consider your best “super scored” ACT composite scores and your best “super scored” SAT math and critical reading scores. We do not have minimum score requirements for admission.” Website here:

  340. Mike Coles says

    You’ve noted in the past that SUNY’s don’t superscore ACT. I realize getting clarity/truth from any of the SUNYs would be like trying to squeeze water from a rock but do you have an update?

  341. Jack says

    I asked a rep at UL-Lafayette, and he told me they do not super score the ACT for scholarship consideration.

  342. Todd Johnson says


    Colleges all have their own scholarship rules which students need to confirm with the colleges they are interested in. They may not use superscoring for scholarship consideration but I previously had it confirmed that they do for general admissions.

  343. Todd Johnson says


    I have no idea what U Buffalo means by that statement. I would suggest you give them a call to clarify. I would note that this page is discussing scores for scholarships and some colleges evaluate score differently depending on whether it is for admissions or scholarships.

  344. Jason says

    Todd: This should be the 559th comment to this thread, which is really a testament to how many students and families have benefitted from your thread. Also, thank you for keeping this thread current for the last 6+ years. As you and many of the commenters have pointed out, schools often change their superscoring policies, sometimes with very little notice or fanfare.

    My questions aren’t directly related to superscoring but perhaps you may have some knowledge about these matters involving the scoring of ACTs:

    1) Do any schools admit to using the actual fractional average for ACTs? In other words, would a school ever consider a student to be a 31.50 (instead of a 32, since 1/2 points round up) or a 32.25 (instead of a 32, since quarter fractions round down)?
    2) Is there a list anywhere of schools that ignore a section or sections of the ACT? For example, the University of Pittsburgh only considers a student’s English and Math sections for scholarship purposes (a student must average a 33 in those two sections to receive scholarship consideration).

  345. Todd Johnson says


    To the best of my knowledge colleges don’t use the actual fractional average because that would dilute the point of the superscoring which is to give the student the benefit of the doubt and to make the college look good by reporting higher average test scores.

    I am not aware of a list of colleges that might ignore part of the ACT. I know that there are some random programs like the scholarship program you mention that do this but nothing consistent that I am aware of.

  346. Beth L says

    My son and I were at Cornell U this past summer at an info session at the college of engineering. The Director of admissions emphatically stated they DO superscore the ACT. She said the admissions office picks out the highest sub scores from each section and only sends those to the admissions office at the engineering school.

  347. Evan Lefkowitz says

    Hi. I was just wondering if you know whether or not Suny Oneonta, Cortland, or Fredonia supersscore the ACT? Thank you.


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